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  • I declare Muhammad is his prophet!
  • The palace school of Muhammad the Conqueror.
  • A lie is a lie, Muhammad Anim!
  • Nay, I think you mean Muhammad Anim.
  • Some of Muhammad Anim's men are already mine.
  • The mullah Muhammad Anim began to stroke his beard, but he made no answer.
  • Even mullah Muhammad Anim seemed transfixed, like a great foolish animal.
  • His Holiness Muhammad declares Christ to be the Spirit of God.
  • Assaduzama Muhammad was nephew to Kamgar Khan, the general of Shah Alam.

How To Use Muhammad In A Sentence?

  • The village of Muhammad Jik has a well-filled bazar and an aspect of mixed prosperity and ruin.
  • Every one of this people well knoweth that Siyyid Muhammad was but one of Our servants.
  • The last twenty-four Makamats of Abu Muhammad al Kasim al Hariri, forming Vol.
  • King lay still and looked up at him, sure that treachery was the ultimate end of any plan the mullah Muhammad Anim had.
  • And orders for Muhammad Anim that had been said to come by sea came now by way of Bagdad, carried by pilgrims returning from the holy places.
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