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  • George mulled over the sacrifice.
  • Only good mulled wine?
  • Port wine may be mulled in the same manner.
  • He mulled over it, slowly stroking his flaxen bangs.
  • Robin tapster, bring me no more ale, but good mulled wine!
  • Spiced wines were much sold at taverns, sangaree and mulled wines.
  • Madame Nanteuil, having drunk her glass of mulled wine, rose to her feet.

How To Use Mulled In A Sentence?

  • Infants in arms drank mulled hard cider at night, a beverage which would kill a modern babe.
  • With meditative eyes directed down to the ashes at the end of his cigar, Meade mulled over the question.
  • There will be no horses, no cabriolet, no trumpeters, no garters except the ones the dear child will wear, and no mulled wine.
  • He sipped the dreggy coffee as if it were the mulled wine of a New Year's night.
  • And thus he went on, expounding his opinions generally and his personal likings, until Justin came to fetch him for a mulled egg that was wanted.
  • She mulled these things over for several days, during which Dick came to see her twice, and twice proposed, and was twice put off.
  • By the time it had existed a year the members were playing dominoes, billiards, and bouillotte, and drinking mulled wine, punch, and liqueurs.
  • It was far from an agreeable conversation that the two held together, and no fond or kindly words passed between them, as the bride was preparing the mulled wine.
  • We were drinking mulled wine round the long pine dinner-table of the Swan, when Charles and Alice arrived.
  • No matter how much she might love a younger man he would frequently torture her by unconscious egoism; and by the time he had mellowed, the mulled wine would be cold.

Definition of Mulled

simple past tense and past participle of mull
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