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  • They are multiple trunked having never been pruned.
  • The atomic hypothesis and the law of multiple proportion.
  • As an author, he has engaged in multiple activities.
  • Sur la rĂ©sonance multiple des oscillations hertziennes.
  • Series and Multiple Connections.
  • The Theory of Multiple Sense Appeal is carefully applied.
  • Added column method for computing multiple correlation constants.
  • The number of members must therefore be some multiple of three.
  • From double and multiple we naturally come to groups and clusters.
  • It features multiple step indirect addressing and indexing of addresses.
  • Not that I got any inkling of the conception of a multiple world.
  • The loves and hearts were very many, as multiple as those of Solomon.

How To Use Multiple In A Sentence?

  • They are always of a frequency which is some multiple of the fundamental frequency.
  • This distinction will be more apparent under the discussion of transfer and multiple switchboards.
  • All we knew before was that the true atomic weight is some multiple of the equivalent.
  • In all such cases it is clear that the law of multiple proportion must hold true.
  • This is accomplished by reeving the slack of each chain over two fixed sets of multiple sheaves.
  • If multiple letters are superscripted, they are surrounded by curly braces (i.e. w^{th}).
  • Count to fifty, substituting the words "Oh, fudge!" for fives and every multiple of five.
  • No large and successful multiple switchboard with any other type of signal has been built since that time.
  • Let us see how it is possible to decide which multiple of the equivalent really is the true atomic weight.
  • The special glory of color in the stars is seen in the marked contrasts presented in the double and multiple stars.
  • At the origin of all things is unity, which divides and becomes multiple only to return to its primal shape.
  • For this purpose he designed and installed the first metallic circuit, multiple switchboard to go into service.
  • Throughout its multiple manifestations, it remains identical with itself in its basic nature, in its constitutive elements.
  • The equivalent can however be determined very accurately, and we have seen that it is some multiple or submultiple of the true atomic weight.
  • These variations are due to multiple causes, which have orientated the imagination now in one direction, now in another.
  • In each case one equivalent is a simple multiple of the other, so the fact that there may be two equivalents does not add to the uncertainty.
  • It is well that the consciousness of human beings is deaf to such emotions, or all individual dreams would cease because of the multiple din.
  • This law is not very accurate, but it is often possible by means of it to decide upon what multiple of the equivalent is the real atomic weight.
  • It may be that intellectual property rights slow down innovation, by putting multiple roadblocks in the way of subsequent innovation.
  • They entered then upon a discussion of the trance, and passed to a consideration of multiple personality, which brought out many singular facts.
  • In other cases, where several telephones are placed on a single-line circuit, the bells are arranged in multiple across the line.
  • When the sum of the numbers is a multiple of 13 the number obtained is 13, as there can be no blanks, that is to say, no day without a number.
  • This gentleman pronounced the case one of spinal (either multiple or posterior) sclerosis, and discarded the syphilitic theory.
  • The total of all the black "counters" in any series must always be some multiple of 13, usually 52 or 65, as stated.
  • We ate omelet, beefsteak and fried potatoes, finishing with a plate of fruit, fixed by the multiple stare of the young men dining there.
  • One can, in principle, for the purpose of constructing a receiver, think of any one of the multiple effects produced by the Hertzian waves.
  • The influence of the lamp signal was one of the potent ones in the development of the type of multiple switchboard which is now universal as the mechanism of large manual exchanges.

Definition of Multiple

More than one (followed by plural). | Having more than one element, part, component, or function, having more than one instance, occurring more than once, usually contrary to expectations (can be followed by a singular). | (mathematics) A whole number that can be divided by another number with no remainder.

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