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  • The municipalities made full use of their privileges.
  • The census of the various municipalities has been returned for each barrio.

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  • Municipal bonds are issued by cities and other municipalities to raise money for local improvements.
  • Once more did those in charge of the coffers of the municipalities raise high the lid and contribute to relieve the woe.
  • It is the fault of the municipalities that the towns are not better kept, it is because of the officials that justice is not better administered.
  • This was an ingenious attempt to give the municipalities the prestige of provincial connection without accepting any legal responsibility.
  • It is the duty of private citizens and municipalities to take every known measure for the prevention of the spread of this disease.
  • Prudent municipalities which had declined to borrow at eight per cent found themselves compelled to share the burdens of their reckless neighbours.
  • Parliamentary committees and committees of the municipalities of Copenhagen are chosen by a proportional method.
  • Healthful communities will make healthful municipalities; healthful municipalities will end in commonwealths and nations of like character.
  • Not a cent brought a dividend; instead, the municipalities found themselves saddled with heavy interest payments.
  • It is a great question what authority should be entrusted by this central body to Municipalities or local bodies.
  • The cases in which municipalities granted privileges to migrating bodies of students, before their coming, are not included in the above statement.
  • The county forests are largely on light sandy soils that, in most cases, are a liability to the municipalities if they are not growing trees.
  • They did duty in the various municipalities of the county where the familiar faces of the local officials were a stumbling block to the apprehension of wrongdoers.
  • Hincks now provided that municipalities which wished money to aid railways or other local improvements might practically pool their credit and share in the credit of the province.
  • If he had done so, a more effective appeal would have gone up for the suffering poor and spiritually blind of the principal unsanitary municipalities of his own country.
  • The political and economic arrangements extending beyond the control of the municipalities would now, if they had not done so before, challenge attention.
  • Municipalities gained the upper hand over rural districts, and within the municipalities the old families assumed more and more privileges in government, in society, and in trade.

Definition of Municipalities

plural of municipality
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