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  • I had my own ideas of mural decoration.
  • The walls were covered with mural paintings.
  • The walls were covered with mural paintings.
  • The mural paintings, too, were executed by himself.
  • He was buried in the church; the mural memorial to him was erected by his son.
  • A mural tablet behind Gordon's monument.
  • Of course I'll want some photographs of the mural paintings.

How To Use Mural In A Sentence?

  • Opposite the entrance is the fine mural monument seen on the left of our sketch.
  • Turn to the left, and inspect the archway in the wall, and the curious mural paintings.
  • Before 1597 he had completed his great mural quadrant at the observatory of Uraniborg.
  • Ceramics should never invade the domain of the plasterer, the mural painter, the cabinet maker.
  • Puvis de Chavannes has recently devoted a large mural painting to this pious legend.
  • Suppose a telescope, fixed to a mural circle, to revolve on an axis, as in Fig.
  • For this reason his pictures are viewed to better effect framed and in galleries than as mural decorations.
  • Several mural tablets on the aisle walls are of hardly sufficient general interest to need description.
  • With a vigorous arm he struck out for the shore, and was immediately hid in the deep shadow of its mural cliffs.
  • Fragmentary mural paintings of the same kind have also been discovered in Rome and in a few other neighbourhoods.
  • The majority of the kivas belong to the pure type, distinguished by mural pilasters supporting a vaulted roof.
  • Orso and his wife went down into the ancient building, pulled out their pencils, and began to sketch the mural paintings.
  • Around and beneath the church are many graves covered by weather-worn stones, and on the walls of the interior there are a number of mural tablets.
  • The chapter-house, now used by the director of the prison, has in a remarkable manner retained the mural frescoes of a former day.
  • On the same side stood the chapter-house, a large chamber richly ornamented with much architectural detail, and adorned with mural paintings.
  • Each floor is furnished with statuettes of different saints and has mural decorations by Kano Masanobu.
  • The first question is answered by ropes and rollers; and the mural sculptures of Nineveh show us what can be done by such simple machinery.
  • The transit instrument, the meridian circle, the mural circle, the heliometer, and the sextant, belong to this class.
  • To the left of the Mihrab, which has two marble pillars, and is also distinguished by simplicity, is a mural inscription.
  • As we passed along by cloistered walls and mural monuments to vanished glory, we were soon within the interior of the grand old Abbey.
  • The mural paintings in the garden have been attributed to Luis de Vargas; but they are unfortunately almost obliterated.
  • The mural decorations of the Silver Pagoda would win the unqualified approval of an oldtime fire-and-brimstone preacher.
  • They'll bury me here under a turban; but I should like a mural tablet in old Penruthyn church.
  • A series of mural paintings, in the vivid coloring and superb technique of Maxfield Parrish, adorned the walls of the room.
  • Daisy made her daily shopping trip to a little topside daytime store and started painting a mural on the floor of the empty apartment next theirs but one.
  • Education, as the means of improving the mural and intellectual faculties, is, under all circumstances, a subject of the most imposing consideration.
  • In some of the halls mural paintings of a rather astonishing kind, betraying a time when artistic standards were a little lower than now, cover the panels.
  • This is used to determine the time of transit of a star over the meridian, and if the transit instrument is provided with a graduated circle it can also be used for the same purposes as the mural circle.
  • In the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries the artists paid little respect to the work of their predecessors, and frequently painted new designs over the earlier mural decorations.
  • No traveller or writer has ever indicated the place where it lay buried, and it is by deciphering the meaning of some hieroglyphics and mural paintings, that we came to a knowledge of the place.
  • In fact, the historical studies of these races of people and their periods of time, proved valuable in review, for the further perfection of mural art.
  • After dinner we walked to the church near by, and looked at the curious iron crosses and small mural tablets which marked the final resting-place of the village worthies.
  • But the fountain played once more in the grotto, the vine-wreaths frolicked again round their graceful shells, the statues looked at their pure faces in the shining mural wall.

Definition of Mural

Of or relating to a wall; on, or in, or against a wall. | Resembling a wall; perpendicular or steep. | To create a mural.
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