Murmurs In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Murmurs | Murmurs Sentence

  • The murmurs increase.
  • And there were murmurs of approbation.
  • New murmurs in the crowd.
  • The muttering murmurs of care!
  • The sleeper murmurs in his dreams.
  • But only approving murmurs replied.
  • There were inarticulate murmurs and stifled rumblings.
  • With sad murmurs the officers separated.
  • We made incoherent murmurs of assent.
  • In hollow murmurs died away.
  • There were murmurs of talk and laughter in the hall.
  • My ears with hollow murmurs rung.
  • The while she murmurs music in thine ears.
  • His voice topped the murmurs at the table.
  • As it was, murmurs of discontent were heard.
  • A rumbling chorus of murmurs rose up to greet him.
  • Echoes his plaint, and murmurs deep below!
  • The old man murmurs something in return.
  • And murmurs were plainly heard in more than one direction.
  • He paused and loud murmurs arose from the audience.
  • She murmurs inward, and complains.
  • In healing murmurs round the weary soul.
  • The girl steps back and murmurs something apologetic.
  • Sympathetic murmurs began to arise in Court.
  • Dull, humdrum murmurs lull, but hubbub stuns.
  • Again the murmurs rose portentously, and Ingleby smiled.
  • Lemulquinier said that these were murmurs of applause for genius.
  • There were murmurs of astonishment as this information was translated.
  • And murmurs as the ocean murmurs there".
  • Only the lowest murmurs penetrated from one section of the room to the other.
  • There were ugly murmurs to be heard that the blow would cost him dear.
  • Day by day ominous political murmurs were heard in street and factory.
  • Presently the old man murmurs in his sleep, clenching his hand.
  • Amid murmurs of expectation a short, fat gentleman climbed into the pulpit.
  • Then murmurs of assent were heard, not very loud, nor enthusiastic.
  • Brother, slightly apologetic, murmurs that there are twenty-three.
  • The scarcity of provisions, in 1766, excited the murmurs of the poor.

How To Use Murmurs In A Sentence?

  • During this talk there were murmurs in the cabin which those outside could not understand.
  • He had no sooner entered upon it than he encountered murmurs and expressions of dissent.
  • It took vigorous rapping to still the persistent murmurs and the eager turnings.

Definition of Murmurs

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of murmur | plural of murmur
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