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  • Colonel Murphy slightly smiled.
  • Con Murphy takes a hand in this game.
  • Mrs. Murphy looked in the door.
  • Mrs. Murphy kin tell you.
  • Mrs. Murphy took her in her arms.
  • Mrs. Murphy nodded towards the room.
  • Mrs. Murphy went into the bedroom for some clothing.
  • Hands pulled Murphy in, unclamped his dome.
  • Mrs. Murphy sat sewing to make up for lost time.
  • The sjambaks led Murphy two hundred yards to a metal door.
  • Mrs. Murphy went off in high dudgeon without another word.
  • Costa and Murphy both made a kill, making four fish.
  • The Sultan glanced at Murphy sidelong.
  • They opened it, pushed Murphy inside, banged it shut.
  • Mrs. Murphy promised to stay with Dil.
  • At noon to-day Murphy and Mame were tied.
  • Mr. Con Murphy was the man to attend to this matter.
  • Mrs. Murphy has been in and out, and Mrs. Carr.
  • Mr. Sorber and Mr. Con Murphy shook hands on the agreement.
  • Outside the gate Murphy made a second check of his equipment.
  • Pray send me a copy or tell me where your article on Murphy will be published.
  • He puffed on his cigar, studied Murphy with his careful eyes.
  • Mrs. Murphy touched her, and roused her from this trance of delight.
  • Mrs. Murphy cut a chunk from the loaf of bread and gave the hungry baby.
  • And Murphy settled back in the wicker chair, sipping his rice beer.
  • Mr. Murphy made a desperate effort to do so, but not a syllable would come.
  • When he looked up, Murphy made a frantic grab for the stanchion, then relaxed.
  • Ah, there goes Major Murphy on the other side of the street.
  • In the corner at the rear the tiny yard of Con Murphy touched the big place.

How To Use Murphy In A Sentence?

  • The only shortcoming was the lack of the lovely young servitors Murphy had envisioned.
  • Colonel Murphy and the major had not even been forced to forego the pleasures of the chessboard.
  • Mr. Murphy dropped the carver and fork, and made a splotch of gravy on the table.
  • Later he saw to it that Katie got the orange and the Murphy youngsters the candy.
  • Mr. Murphy was a cobbler, who held title to a small house and garden on a back street.
  • Messrs. Lombard and Murphy had stated that they were buying on behalf of the tenants.
  • Wilbur Murphy had a blond crew-cut, a broad freckled nose, and a serious sidelong squint.
  • Mr. Con Murphy had a good word for the boy to everybody who came into his shop.
  • A third time did Widow Murphy give the priest what she could not in the least afford.
  • She was awfully frightened and Mrs. Murphy began by being shocked and ended by being kind-hearted.
  • Stepping out of the galley, Murphy met Hennesey emerging from the port forecastle door.

Definition of Murphy

An Irish or white potato.
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