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  • Stop that muscle and breath is held.
  • There is no lack of muscle and will among the men.
  • Every muscle and bone in his body had its ache.
  • Which part of the heart has the thickest muscle and why?
  • No extra weight, but plenty of muscle and endurance.
  • The captain never moved a muscle, and the column passed.
  • It's not the muscle and the bones, it's the grit.
  • I stood, muscle and nerve bound, unable to move.
  • Each abused muscle and nerve seemed to have a distinct grievance against him.
  • Digestion means that the food you eat is turned into muscle and brain and bone.
  • Then she drew herself up to it; a feat requiring both muscle and practice.
  • He was as slim as a sapling, the slimness of muscle and health.
  • But she did not move a muscle, and he was called to the stand by the chairman.
  • If you wish your boys to have muscle and brawn, feed them oats.
  • They had muscle and energy, and most important, they had guts.
  • They had a certain amount of muscle, and a vast store of animal spirits.
  • She would not relax a muscle, and sat there as silent and sulky as an owl.
  • They had a certain amount of muscle, and a vast store of animal spirits.
  • None heeded as she stood with every muscle and nerve tense, straining her ears.
  • You can see their digestion and muscle and nerve, and, in fact, everything.
  • I felt Lowe's muscle, and knew myself secure.
  • These moners form, under different circumstances, bone, muscle, and nerve.
  • It was a trick that Tommy Eye taught him, and it required muscle and snap.
  • The shikari, Hussein Khan, was a hard mountaineer, all muscle and keenness.

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  • We know that it is a truism that poverty is the mother of muscle and of invention.
  • The strain upon both muscle and nerve had been very great, and now came collapse.
  • I just had the nerve not to move a muscle and stay there; my heart was fairly hammering.
  • Iron and fire become blood and muscle, and gravitation flows in the current of his will.
  • Here it probed through muscle and membrane along the base of the brain, seeking the pineal gland.
  • Mazard stood with clinched hands watching them, every muscle and nerve tense as wire.
  • Every muscle and sinew was tense for the last rush and leap, as the subaltern raised his gun.
  • For forty-one miles they would now have their courage, muscle, and nerve put to the full test.
  • Every muscle and sinew, strained and tested since childhood, is like wire compared to cord.
  • What did God give you muscle and girth and brain for, if not to launch you on the high seas?
  • Let us build that nobler state With our own hands, with our own muscle and brain!
  • By mind, muscle and morals they have been rated as leaders of the Western red men.
  • By the time he reached the green shale, Enoch was trembling from muscle and nerve strain.
  • And, as he spoke, Ivan stiffened his every muscle, and instinctively clinched his hands.
  • But while John was big with the weight of muscle and frame, Lablache was flabby with fat.
  • In some of the species there is a distinct pit for the adductor muscle, and in others this cannot be distinguished.
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