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  • Not a muscle of his face twitched.
  • They haven't any mental muscle to them.
  • A muscle fibre 71 21.
  • That a muscle is a machine in the sense of our definition is beyond question.
  • A bit of muscle showing blood-vessels 36 7.
  • Why a muscle contracts or a gland secretes we have certainly not yet answered.
  • Not a muscle quivered as he looked his would-be executioner in the eye.
  • They had muscle and energy, and most important, they had guts.
  • His nerves grew tense, and every muscle in his frame tightened.
  • Not a muscle twitched in McGuffey's Hibernian countenance.
  • Greeba's eyes glistened, but not a muscle of her countenance changed.
  • Jean's head came up and she listened, every muscle stiffening with fear.
  • what arms!--there is muscle for you, gentlemen.

How To Use Muscle In A Sentence?

  • Is it to maintain that strength which costs you so much muscle at every feeding.
  • They laughed happily and looked proudly at their muscle when we hinted at their being tired.
  • An immense weariness weighed him down and every separate muscle had its own distinctive ache.
  • When we remove a muscle from the body it may remain capable of contracting for some time.
  • The heart is a hollow and fleshy muscle which causes the blood to set in motion.
  • Wollaston was struck to the heart by the look, but he did not relax one muscle of his stern face.
  • The strain on mind and muscle was almost unbearable, to say nothing of the blinding glare.
  • But there is a great deal of big bone and muscle in him, and he may yet work out a noble destiny.
  • Figure 6 shows a bit of muscle tissue, with its blood-vessels, which are surrounded by lymph.
  • But planks and braced muscle will bounce, and Signer Amleto bounced quite high again.
  • Then Lessard, without moving a muscle or altering his steady gaze, spoke to Dobson.
  • You might as well assert that the practice of gymnastics neither develops the muscle nor increases strength.
  • The stiffness of the previous days was nothing whatever to the misery that now held every muscle rigid.
  • The Muscle Shoals Falls rapids in the Tennessee River is furnishing 188,000 horse-power.
  • Very many thin persons have gained as high as forty pounds by reason of the larger degree of muscle exercise.
  • A flash shot from the baron's quick eye; not a muscle of his countenance quailed.
  • Tolliver did not cry out, but every muscle in her face and body seemed to contract, as if she were preparing herself for the explosion.
  • Their keen intelligence had won them high honors in scholarship, and their brawn and muscle had achieved an enviable distinction in athletics.
  • He had been taken on as a cowboy, and a cowboy he tried to be, though every nerve and muscle called a halt.
  • The tropical fruits are without acids, and therefore are well adapted to a class of people who have only the least use for muscle and brains.
  • Since the man of muscle loses no time in taking his breakfast, he should be able with good sense to rest an hour before this noon meal.
  • Then, leaning forward and straining every muscle of arms and limbs, the heavy iron wheel was raised from the ground.
  • Is there any method by which we can approach these fundamental problems of muscle action, heart beat, gland secretion, etc.?
  • She threw herself into a seat, as if exhausted, yet, during the whole time, not a muscle of the hand which lay upon mine had stirred.
  • By four o'clock every muscle in Wallie's body was aching, but his fatigue was nothing as compared with his hunger.
  • Here I had one hundred boys in one room, many of whom went fishing in summer to get up muscle to lick the schoolmaster in winter.
  • Every muscle in his body is supple as steel, supple, as strong as thunder, and yet so quick, so delicately swift, it is almost unbearable.

Definition of Muscle

To use force to make progress, especially physical force. | (uncountable) A contractile form of tissue which animals use to effect movement. | (countable) An organ composed of muscle tissue.
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