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  • Have you ever visited a museum in a city?
  • This morning Carl was going down to the museum in a taxi.
  • By Schlesinger Royal Old Museum in Berlin.
  • You may stumble over his big museum in the dark and smash things.
  • These were secured later and were sent to a museum in Detroit.
  • It was Ibrahim, the Egyptian servant he had seen at the museum in the morning.
  • A very interesting museum in South Street contains a quantity of local finds.
  • The original, in bronze, can be seen at the National Museum in Washington.
  • No. 7762 in the catalogue of the South Kensington Museum, in 1862.
  • B. 2, in the description of the Christian Museum in the Vatican Library).
  • The El Greco House and Museum in Toledo contains amazing things.
  • The Tara brooch is a perfect museum in itself of the jeweller's art.
  • And now it is in a museum in Paris, far from its old owner's home.

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  • A hand and arm of a monkey, roasted in this way, are exhibited in a museum in Paris.
  • I am close to the British Museum, in which I take great pleasure in reading in my rambling way.
  • First came the marbles of the Parthenon, transferred by Lord Elgin to the British Museum in 1816.
  • The immense palace is already nearly full, although the museum in 1891 was but four years old.
  • The things would have been priceless on Earth as an antique to be erected as a museum in some crowded park.
  • In a museum in Portland you may see the dear little clothing worn by the poet Longfellow when he was a tiny baby.
  • It is now in the Antiquarian Museum in Edinburgh, where the writer recently made an inspection of it.
  • This gentleman had a private museum in the way of his profession, one corner of which was occupied by a cast from a man of remarkably fine proportions.
  • He wishes to go through the British Museum in silence, and thinks a sincere man will see something, and say nothing.
  • It passed into the hands of the British by the treaty of Alexandria, and was deposited in the British Museum in the year 1801.
  • Some very ancient chessmen are preserved in the British Museum, in particular a set called the Lewis Chessmen.
  • Here also is located the museum in course of formation (gotten up in view of the historical study of watch-making), and the amphitheater designed for certain public lecture courses.
  • All are remarkably well preserved, and several specimens in the Ethnological Museum in Florence may have belonged to the Maximilian collection.
  • We have ourselves examined some of them in the Hull House Museum in Chicago and in the woods of Canada, and have found them instructive.
  • I shall not now give an inventory of the Museum in Berlin, which is rich in pictures and statues; to do this would require more space than is at my command.
  • In 1875 no trace of his grave was found, but there is a fragment of a statue in the "museum" in which he is clad in a blue mantle, wearing the badge of the Garter.
  • They are sent here just as they are sent to the British Museum and the South Kensington Museum, in order to be out of the way.
  • In the museum, in a little room all alone, he stands, always calm and lovable, always dreaming of something beautiful, always half smiling at the coaxing baby.
  • Lent to the South Kensington Museum in 1862, from the catalogue of which exhibition (under No. 202) the above description is taken.
  • Besides his books, he was the donor of various other gifts to the Museum, in return for which he was created M.D. of Oxford, in 1683.
  • Portions of the temple are now on exhibition in the British Museum, in London, and portions have been carried to different other cities to adorn buildings inferior to the one in which they were originally used.
  • In the India Museum in London unheard of riches, collected in Calcutta and Bombay by English merchants, are to be seen.
  • It. was subsequently purchased by Sir Joseph Banks, Bart., and presented by him to the British Museum in 1790.
  • In the British Museum, in handsome glass cases, and on the floors of the three first rooms at the top of the stairs, may be seen the largest collection of the skins and skeletons of quadrupeds ever brought together.
  • It might have cost me more than I could afford, anyway; for one of those prison tables, which was at the time in a private museum in Heidelberg, was afterward sold at auction for two hundred and fifty dollars.
  • Millions Field gave toward the founding and sustaining of the Field Columbian Museum in Chicago, and to the University of Chicago.
  • We next visited another prominent work belonging to this group, called North Fort, the one we had studied at the Museum in the morning, with its intricate system of tunnels.
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