Muslims In A Sentence

Definition of Muslims

indefinite genitive singular of muslim

How To Use Muslims In A Sentence?

  • The letters of Muslims are distinguished by several peculiarities dictated by the rules of politeness.
  • It is studied by many Muslims of the present day, and by some of considerable talents and attainments.
  • From a distrust in fate some Muslims even shut themselves up during the prevalence of plague; but this practice is generally condemned.
  • In investigating this subject, it is necessary in the first place to state that there is a kind of wine which Muslims are permitted to drink.
  • Opium, hemp, etc., are now more frequently used by the Muslims to induce intoxication or exhilaration.
  • Marriage is regarded by the Muslims in general as a positive duty, and to neglect it without a sufficient excuse subjects a man to severe reproach.
  • Very few Muslims of the higher classes have condescended to study music, because they would have been despised by their inferiors for doing so; or because they themselves have despised or condemned the art.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Muslims | Muslims Sentence

  • The Black Muslims in America.
  • Hence orthodox Muslims reviled them as apostates and free-thinkers.
  • A similar feeling operated upon many Muslims more than religious principle.
  • A mosque, in fact, to Muslims has not an exclusively religious character.

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