Must Do In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Must Do | Must Do Sentence

  • Nevertheless we must do so.
  • She must do it at once.
  • He must do that for her.
  • Surely some must do so.
  • We must do all we can.
  • He must do that himself.
  • And now you must do yours.
  • What you must do is this.
  • What was it he must do?
  • You must do it again.
  • Commerce must do the same.
  • You must do more than that.
  • Phil must do the same.
  • We must do the best we can.
  • You must do this or perish.
  • Now he must do something.
  • He must do something.
  • We must do it or starve.
  • He must do something for you!
  • One must do something.
  • Flanders must do her part.
  • I must do one or the other.
  • But you must do something.
  • But we must do the best we can.
  • He knew then what he must do.
  • He must do something.
  • I must do something to him.
  • We must do something more than that.
  • You must do as you please!
  • Do you know what you must do?
  • She must do something.
  • I must do this for her sake.
  • He must do something himself.
  • He must do it because he loved her.
  • And you must do your best too.

How To Use Must Do In A Sentence?

  • I must do something at once.
  • Then we knew what we must do.
  • She must do some shopping.
  • They must do as well as they can.
  • And we must do more than justice.
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