Mustered in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Mustered

1. Athens could have mustered in a street. 🔊

2. In half an hour he had them mustered and marching. 🔊

3. Young boys and old men were mustered into the army. 🔊

4. Reaching the field, I found all the men mustered up. 🔊

5. May 22, 1863; mustered out with company May 24, 1863. 🔊

6. The Sherwoods were mustered in Trent Park. 🔊

7. I Jan. 1, 1863; mustered out with regiment May 24, 1863. 🔊

8. The rest of the crew now came on deck, and all were mustered in watches. 🔊

9. The regiment was mustered in camp at Jacob's Plains. 🔊

How to use Mustered in Sentences?

1. He had just been mustered out of the civic guard and was waiting for a uniform to join the army. 🔊

2. They mustered no such force however as led to a public exhibition of their number or condition. 🔊

3. Their horses were all that could be mustered in Volseni of a mettle equal to the dash. 🔊

4. When they were mustered for the march outside the tembe, the only man absent was Bombay. 🔊

5. The governor, Palameque, mustered immediately the little force which he had at hand. 🔊

6. Fearing then that something had befallen her, she mustered courage to write Mr. Russell. 🔊

7. In a short time, he mustered three hundred and fifty Spaniards, and four thousand Indians. 🔊

8. Glen mustered all the stock on the station and found thousands more cattle and sheep than he anticipated. 🔊

9. The men mustered again and reached the fortress in safety: they had lost their guns but not their courage. 🔊

10. He remained for some time in doubt whether he should accept the invitation, but at last he mustered up courage and walked in. 🔊