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  • Thy very aspect is a mute reproach.
  • Lessingham listened in mute distress.
  • I stood mute with admiration.
  • She made the same mute sign of affirmation.
  • I noticed then a bit of mute play.
  • On the lost night before it, mute and vast.
  • Blunt turned to me politely, but only for a long mute gaze.
  • Behind her, he rolled his eyes upward in mute protest.
  • That with the morning hours Grows mute again.
  • Some God is jealous of the mute caress . . .
  • May fell back on her seat with a gesture of mute astonishment.
  • In the solemn mute moments that followed the curlew wailed again.
  • Hurrying from the palace, she stretched out her arms to him in mute entreaty.
  • Rhoda lay mute in the young man's arms.
  • Then he sat down, and covered his face with his hands in mute despair.
  • He looked down, and at sight of the mute figure his face softened.
  • I hung over him in mute affliction, and watched the expiring spasms of nature.
  • And, save the mute and creeping worm, Nought else was there beside.
  • Mrs. Horton, in mute despair, clasped the hands of her sister and daughter.
  • There I saw the mute figure, clad in black, still gazing fixedly in.
  • It was not a Bruno-Clarice kiss, mute and wistful and lappy.
  • This artist was surnamed "the Mute of Kampen" because of his taciturnity.

How To Use Mute In A Sentence?

  • The lady was charmed by this homage; this mute and gentle admiration; and was happy in it.
  • She waited in the middle of the room with lowered head, with a mute gleam in her deep blue eyes.
  • Lloyd was still silent, his mouth agape and mute or reply to the truths that Brook was preaching.
  • Old Peg dropped into her chair as if paralysed, and gazed from one to another in mute amazement.
  • The joy of mild benignity approves, Which leads him to relax the rigid claims Of mute submission?
  • The fifth degree taught that each of the seven mute prophets had twelve apostles for the dissemination of his faith.
  • Clara had been taught to look on her equals with scorn, and she stared at her inferiors with a mute contempt that roused the devil in their hearts.
  • Those who have felt it, will with caution obtrude themselves on her sacred privacy, and will know when to be mute in the presence of the mourner.
  • Rhoda rubbed a thin cheek against the warm hand that still held hers, and the mute thanks said more than words.
  • The burnt wagons, dead mules and new made graves were the mute witnesses left to tell of the fight.
  • The publisher paused with his pen in his hand, and seemed waiting in mute suspense to know what was to be announced by so singular an apparition.
  • The startled impulse of your refusal faded before the mute appeal in Ladykin's eyes.
  • He was mute and passive; excepting that fits of child-like weeping would sometimes come over him without any immediate cause.
  • In a case upon the wall were rows of shaving mugs, now dusty and abandoned, mute witnesses of a former era of glory.
  • In the mute desperation of her look she appeared to be searching the garden, the world, and the immense darkness of the sky, for an answer.
  • And thenceforward were they all more ready to submit unto Him whose commands the mute element was thus sent to obey.
  • He is now in a trance; there is nothing left of him but a motionless body and a mute soul, dreaming of Helena.
  • Then there was another thing: Hicks wasn't worth a tallow dip on mute mental suggestion.

Definition of Mute

Not having the power of speech; dumb. [from 15th c.] | Silent; not making a sound. [from 15th c.] | Not uttered; unpronounced; silent; also, produced by complete closure of the mouth organs which interrupt the passage of breath; said of certain letters.
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