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  • Unhappily these also have been mutilated by the hand of time or of iconoclasts.
  • Tens of thousands of wounded and mutilated warriors will soon be added to these.
  • The skeletons discovered in its graves have been mutilated in an extraordinary manner.
  • These sadly mutilated remains of a once glorious work are especially interesting.
  • The letter had been so mutilated that it was impossible; to make any exact translation of it.
  • Adapted to every species of mutilated limb, unequaled in mechanism and utility.
  • Within his grief-afflicted mind and mutilated soul, he searched for that which he had lost.
  • Offensive in its mutilated shape, it smells sweet again when restored to its native orthography.
  • There are no traces left, except some mutilated and uncertain relics in the museum.
  • In every human mind some ideas are adequate, and others mutilated and confused.
  • The little gleam of hope which had fallen on her aching, mutilated life went out.
  • Must we understand that these bodies were mutilated by loyal weapons, torn perhaps by shells?
  • These they instantly shot down, mutilated their bodies, and burned their cabins.
  • I fought like a madman, seeing nothing but that dear mutilated face before my eyes.
  • Each of these names is, however, somewhat mutilated by one or more errata in writing.
  • The streets, with their barricades swept away, were strewn with mutilated corpses.
  • In several instances it has been removed, and the persons thus mutilated could speak with fluency.
  • He closed his jaw with a vicious snap, resting his half-dazed head on his mutilated arm.
  • The knight was a Frowyk, and there are also some mutilated brasses to this family.
  • You have my maimed and mutilated body in your possession, and I hope that you are satisfied.
  • There are 133 of these pedestals, but only two much mutilated figures of the Dog remain.
  • I found it lying in an enormous lidless sarcophagus, close to a mutilated statue of Anubis.
  • It must be either unfinished by the author or mutilated (as Hearne conjectured).

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Mutilated | Mutilated Sentence

  • The other words were too mutilated to be read.
  • Occasionally books so mutilated have been reconstituted.
  • It has starved and mutilated its helpless prisoners.
  • His mutilated scalp fairly screamed at him!
  • It is mutilated in two places, and wants the conclusion.
  • Life was progressing as if the mutilated dead had never been.
  • What is paid to the mutilated officers themselves is but half as much.
  • Then there was nothing there except their torn and mutilated corpses.
  • At the high altar are three more fragments from the mutilated tomb.
  • We had seen young girls who were mutilated and horribly maltreated.
  • He turned his head and snarled at the mutilated body of the big black.
  • Their productions are mutilated and altered, yet their names are retained.
  • Nearly all the writings, however, have come down to us in a mutilated state.
  • All its kindred, everything it held dear, lay there mutilated and destroyed.
  • On the top are the mutilated remains of a brass plate of the Knight.
  • The wives "search for the murdered man's mutilated parts".
  • He mutilated the Tudor garden out of all semblance of a Tudor garden.

Definition of Mutilated

Having undergone mutilation | simple past tense and past participle of mutilate
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