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  • Some small mutinies occurred in this arm of the service in the presidency.

How To Use Mutinies In A Sentence?

  • Therefore, although these unfortunate mutinies had somewhat complicated the case, it would never do to blench at so critical a moment.
  • In the neighbourhood I had some splendid big-game shooting; but we had difficulties with repeated mutinies of our men.
  • We read of whole regiments in the English and French services refusing to obey orders, and of mutinies of officers as well as of men.
  • After the stories he had been telling that very evening about mutinies and wrecks and fights against odds, it seemed unbelievable that he should submit so tamely to Thirkle and his men.

Definition of Mutinies

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of mutiny | plural of mutiny
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