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  • Then he glanced at my big hat.
  • It made me very proud of my big brother.
  • I must crawl down so as to be ready for my big spring.
  • I got his saddle right now in my big safe.
  • I sat sidewise in my big saddle dangling my heels.
  • My big brother Bill.
  • My big work finished, a sort of eager idiocy seized me.
  • My big clue, and was I sick of it!
  • Then I will beat my big drum to let you know when to pull.
  • I am thinking of my big Autumn success....
  • The Fokker was my big Christmas present.
  • My big opportunity was gone, but I still had Horatio.
  • Even my big brother Harry believes in Santa Claus.
  • That's finished my big blade!
  • I'll get my big apron.
  • Days and nights filled with the singing and muttering of my big brother!
  • The carriage recoiled almost as smartly as my big rifle had done.
  • My mother also told me some, and my big brother told me others.
  • I found this thing to be the handle of my big, broad-bladed spear.
  • She could drive my big car, and none of the rest of us could!
  • She made a white-robed, dusky figure against the deep blues of my big window.
  • But no, I had to go and poke my big bump of curiosity into the problem.
  • When the baby was a year and a half my big smash came, and I went up the river.
  • And then, for the first time, I saw my big brother win a fight!
  • Of my big sister Therese, six, ten years older than myself perhaps?
  • Then I feel a sharp tap on my big copper crown, which means I must start down.

How To Use My Big In A Sentence?

  • It was only after many battles that she had stopped sneaking warm water into my big can.
  • I have not unpacked my big trunk, as your servant said there was very little time before dinner.
  • First I had to learn a little about how to work that instrument with my big fingers.
  • I had my big butcher in my belt, and I had a pair of dressed buckskin breeches on.
  • Blind panel and lozenge tooling on sides (like the pattern you have of my big Menestrier).
  • Even though I have the other three, my heart is hungry for my "big boy," who is only a baby, too.
  • While with my big hammer I pace all around, around, around, around, round, round, round.
  • After we had walked for about an hour, my big guide complained of being tired and of feeling unwell.
  • And if giving me up meant going out with me in my big blue car directly after lunch, then he kept his word.
  • My big searchlights cast a flashing ring on the road, which the car seemed to push swiftly before it as it ran.
  • About two miles from camp we came to a picket of two or three soldiers, where my big bay was in waiting for me.
  • It never occurred to me that Cynthia could be other than happy to pass under the suzerainty of my big brother.
  • The feeling of "unsettling" was very strong in me just then, in spite of my big discovery which was to clear everything up.
  • I've lain awake at nights with that place worrying me more than my big chop as ought to ha' been well by this time.
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