My Breath In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For My Breath | My Breath Sentence

  • I swore under my breath.
  • I exclaimed under my breath.
  • The last of my breath!
  • I entreated under my breath.
  • My breath too returned to me.
  • I held my breath for the answer.
  • I am not going to waste my breath on you.
  • It took my breath away.
  • I fairly held my breath.
  • I laughed a little under my breath.
  • I might have saved my breath.
  • My breath was taken away.
  • I could not keep my breath.
  • My breath came and went.
  • Is my breath fetid from fasting?
  • I caught my breath with a gasp.
  • I held my breath to listen.
  • My breath blows cold.
  • Had borne my breath away!
  • I left ye with my breath!
  • My breath almost ceased.
  • You take my breath away.
  • It makes me catch my breath.
  • I held my breath with horror.
  • I caught my breath in a gasp.
  • I shut my eyes and held my breath.
  • And the beauty took away my breath.
  • You fairly take away my breath.
  • The terror of it took my breath away.
  • I caught my breath in mute amazement.
  • I held my breath and looked down the hole.
  • My breath had never belonged to anybody but me.
  • I caught my breath and gasped from alarm.
  • I held my breath in the most dreadful suspense.
  • These revelations took away my breath.

How To Use My Breath In A Sentence?

  • The very sight of it took away my breath.
  • I bent over and held my breath in my eager scrutiny.
  • For a moment my breath was quite taken away.
  • The unexpectedness of the announcement took my breath away.
  • The tremendousness of the assertion took away my breath.
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