My God In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For My God | My God Sentence

  • Thy god shall be my god.
  • May the heart of my god be appeased!
  • You are my god, my idol.
  • First of my God and then of all the world.
  • My God, what are they doing it with?
  • He was my twin-soul, my lover, my god.
  • I want to be alone with my God.
  • Permit me to imitate the passion of my God.
  • Nothing more, before my God!
  • I may before my God but not to man.
  • My God, what was that?
  • My God! can any thing?
  • O my god, my sins are many, my transgressions are great!
  • My God, what a language!
  • O my God, show him in.
  • My God, he was quick!
  • And if you only knew all; my God!
  • Thou knowest, my God!
  • O my God, it was too much!
  • My God, the wonder of it!
  • My God! was it not then enough?
  • My God, you knew of it?
  • My God, what a sound!
  • My God, can you not understand?
  • O my God, what masses!
  • My God, how angry he is.
  • My God, the pity of it!
  • My God, if you only knew.
  • My God, why are you silent?
  • I have dreaded your condemnation next to that of my God.
  • My God heard your promise not to betray me.
  • My God, how they hate it!
  • O my God, a wondrous depth!
  • My God, what a step you have persuaded me to!
  • O my God, rule and guide me.

How To Use My God In A Sentence?

  • My heart is full of the bliss of gratitude to my God!
  • My God, where is your sense of honour?
  • My God, what a nasty beast!
  • O let me be awake, my God!
  • My God, women are such fools!
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