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  • She put on my pants jest to get away from Pappy Lon.
  • Look out, those are my pants you're putting on!
  • I now took off my pants and found many of his kind in the seams.
  • I had it in my pants pocket all the time, and thought it was in my coat.
  • She is now busy mending my pants, which I tore against a nail.
  • I sat down in that fire; that's why my pants got the worst of the burns.
  • And sometime I'm going to invite Klem Zareff to kick my pants-seat.
  • With the number o' gold pieces I got in my pants pocket
  • I want to go to the corner and get a drink ... give me my pants!"
  • "I want my pants," wailed Stacy.
  • "Where's my pants?" wailed Chunky.
  • "Give me my pants!
  • "Give me my pants.
  • "But I'm afraid to go home with my pants torn," said Johnny Chuck.
  • "Look out for my pants!"
  • "Have you got my pants done, Mr. Hayden?"
  • "Yes, I have; if you don't believe it, see how short my pants are."
  • " I slid into my pants and went up the ladder--
  • "I'll eat my pants!"

How To Use My Pants In A Sentence?

  • They were talking about me down stairs, and I slipped on my pants, and crept down the stairs.
  • I slipped off my pants, and got into bed again, that I might not be suspected of having left it.
  • I took off all my clothes but my pants and shirt, and secured the cord around my body, making fast the other end to the raft.
  • I bought the coat and vest of grey cloth in this city, since I came here; my pants of grey I bought in Washington.
  • Dreamlike, I walked into the lake, water filling my shoes, logging my pants, warm as blood, warm on my chest, on my chin, on my mouth, on my eyes.
  • I set up 'bout all night puttin' these blue patches in my pants an' tryin' to piece together a couple of old red-flannel shirts to make one whole one.
  • Well, I had my shirt on, and was sittin' down to pull on my pants, when I heard my cayuse start off on a dead run.
  • I rolled up my pants pulled off my moccasins and waded in, having the teams stand still till I could find out whether it was safe for them to follow or not by ascertaining the depth of the water and the character of the bottom.
  • All the money I've got in the world, if made into cloth, wouldn't make me a patch if I had a hole in the seat of my pants as big as a postage stamp; but I don't lay awake nights grieving for fear I'll be pinched for indecent exposure.
  • I wore good kip boots with high tops, with shields of red leather at the knees, each ornamented with a gilt moon and star--the nicest boots I ever had; and I wore my pants tucked into my boot-tops so as to keep them out of the snow and also to show these glories in leather.
  • Lord guide a righteous hand,' he'd say, and with that down would come that righteous hand like the roof of a house where the bunt of my pants had been. '
  • "What's my pants got to do with this disgraceful riot, or mebby mutiny?" blazed the reddening captain.
  • "My pants will be miles too long for that O'Dowd kid," responded the unwilling altruist grudgingly.
  • "I met Macnooder----" "And the Tennessee Shad, I'll bet my pants on it," said Butsey.
  • "You see," he explained, "I wore it over my pants, of course, and I had the pockets in them, so I didn't look for no more."
  • "No, I've never gone to a military academy, but I've had a hole in the seat of my pants so generally, and I have had to walk erect so much to keep my coat tail well down to hide it, that that is where I acquired my military carriage."
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