My Parents In A Sentence

How To Use My Parents In A Sentence?

  • I lived with my parents in Kentucky.
  • My first thought, of course, went to my parents.
  • What I did was to save my parents and their people.
  • Of my parents I can say little.
  • I have heard from the sage that my parents were Kshatriyas.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For My Parents | My Parents Sentence

  • I am to know more about my parents.
  • My parents had nothing to do with it.
  • I obeyed my parents.
  • Then my parents were in a quandary.
  • My parents esteem you.
  • My parents are blameless!
  • What will my parents say?
  • Why are you molesting my parents?
  • My parents will soon leave.
  • I asked my parents for their consent.
  • My parents left me to his care.
  • My parents have no money to spare.
  • At length he talked of my parents.
  • My parents neglected my social training.
  • The event justified my parents in their indulgence.
  • And my parents were overwhelmed with suitors for my hand.
  • Let me go myself, my parents.
  • I meant to go and visit my parents.
  • My parents had two new children.
  • My parents were three times snowed up.
  • I begin simply with the history of my parents.
  • My parents send you kind remembrances.
  • I am certain that my parents will forgive us.
  • Where were my parents, my brothers and sisters?
  • I was left alone and returned to the home of my parents.
  • My parents never mentioned things of this nature to me.
  • Or would you rather wait until my parents are cured?
  • My parents had intrusted my little sister to my care.
  • My books were my parents, my relatives.
  • For it was early my greatest delight to honor my parents.
  • Perhaps my parents had been saved, and still lived.
  • My parents had six children and we lived on a big farm.
  • Here, on earth, on my parents and on my instructors.
  • My parents and hers were decent Presbyterians.
  • But, thanks to my parents, all wants are provided for.
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