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  • This is what my problem demands.
  • My problem now becomes apparent.
  • That is the latent factor at the root of my problem.
  • July came, and my problem was still unsolved.
  • The rest was all close, keen examination of my problem.
  • That was my problem, when I went out into the world again.
  • So it was I sat and thought my problem out....
  • But it's not my problem to solve.
  • I couldn't see any answer to my problem.
  • Then I explained about my farm, and my problem in finding it.
  • In one way or the other, and for all time, I must decide my problem.
  • Or I could take up my problem and settle it before I went to bed.
  • That was my problem.
  • This will solve my problem beautifully."
  • "I should not burden you with my problem," he said penitently.
  • "I wish time would solve my problem as surely as it will yours," he said.
  • I stayed and worked at my problem--what I was to do."
  • "My problem with the ArchBishop had existed long before I married her.

How To Use My Problem In A Sentence?

  • My problem was not to get them to grow vigorously but to get them to grow at all.
  • I wondered if I might not submit my problem to her ask her what she would have me to do.
  • I knew that I had no way of telling lie from truth and that made my problem a lot more difficult.
  • You are the one, of all others, most eminently fitted to help me to a successful solution of my problem, which you have so admirably stated.
  • On my return I find that my problem has completely wrought itself out in my mind without conscious effort on my part.
  • The whole solution of my problem was suddenly clear, although I had not guessed it until that moment.
  • Somehow, I have an abiding conviction that it will lead me to the high road, on the way towards the successful solution of my problem.
  • My problem was, therefore, to produce from my tinned Essence of Ghost a specter that was capable of immediately going into business and that could haunt a house while you wait.
  • With that I had got my problem clear, and the solution, so far as I was concerned, lay in finding out the point in the ostensible life of politics at which I could most subserve these ends.
  • So precious hard up does one become in this rat's hole, that I make her my problem as she makes the soup hers, poor wretch!
  • Guided by these considerations, I embarked upon the most arduous part of my problem: to obtain the complete or almost complete permutation of one sex with the other; to produce a laying consisting only of males by offering the mother a series of lodgings suited only to males.
  • If the pocketbook had been dropped on the bus I felt sure your boy, who was almost the only other person on top of the coach, would know about it; if, on the other hand, it had been dropped in the street, my problem would be a different one.
  • Before I could find any solution to my problem, the fast thickening shadows admonished me that I must beat my retreat; and it was only by dint of redoubled speed that I reached college in time to escape the consequences of absence from roll-call.
  • For this reason, and this alone, I venture to write again on themes on which great souls have already said greater words, in the hope that I may strike here and there a half-tone, newer even if slighter, up from the heart of my problem and the problems of my people.
  • And even while I was still pondering my problem (I had come to such fantastic absurdities as contemplating an essay on the Chinese gamut, rejecting it on the grounds that Brenda was the only musician in the family), that awful lunch was abruptly closed by a unanimous refusal of the last course.
  • so I figure they thought I had used my head to solve my problem and did the right thing.
  • If I were the sort of woman who went in for good works, my problem would be easier; but you see I'm not."
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