My Thoughts In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For My Thoughts | My Thoughts Sentence

  • Nothing was further from my thoughts.
  • All my thoughts were of her.
  • He read my thoughts.
  • My thoughts sicken at it.
  • Thorndyke left me with my thoughts.
  • Then my thoughts softened.
  • My thoughts bewildered me.
  • And so my thoughts ran on.
  • How constantly she is in my thoughts!
  • My thoughts were all confusion.
  • I whispered to him my thoughts.
  • My thoughts blind me.
  • Sad are my thoughts alone.
  • She is no stranger to my thoughts.
  • You disturb my thoughts.
  • Nothing could be further from my thoughts.
  • Hopelessness warped all of my thoughts.
  • My thoughts are always with you.
  • I cannot collect my thoughts.
  • You occupy my thoughts.
  • I returned to my thoughts.
  • I smiled at my thoughts.
  • But my thoughts are not calm.
  • That was the burden of my thoughts.
  • You have never been out of my thoughts.
  • My thoughts were too busy.
  • My thoughts were not upon him.
  • And my thoughts grow calm again.
  • My thoughts reverted to the children.
  • Be such a crime far from my thoughts!
  • My thoughts are too happy to keep to myself.
  • Be such a crime far from my thoughts!
  • My thoughts grew more lucid.
  • She seemed to understand my thoughts.
  • My thoughts had run away with me.

How To Use My Thoughts In A Sentence?

  • I must tell you all my thoughts.
  • It changes all my thoughts of him henceforward.
  • I went out by myself with my thoughts into the night.
  • I had to cast back my thoughts.
  • My thoughts were restless and perturbed.
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