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  • Is my understanding sufficient for this or not?
  • Such is my understanding of destiny.
  • That passes my understanding.
  • This was a flood of light to my understanding.
  • To doubt it would upset my understanding.
  • No, it passes my understanding.
  • I am finite, and my understanding has limits.
  • Not because my heart urges me, but my understanding.
  • My understanding is the provision for six-ft. trees.
  • I dared to make to express my understanding, my sympathy.
  • Mercadet (aside) It is past my understanding.
  • How on earth they found this out simply passes my understanding.
  • The freedom of their conversation precluded the idea of my understanding it.
  • So my understanding of boys made me feel friendly with this one at once.
  • My understanding must take its own time and cannot submit to that of another.
  • I started as if some strange and new discovery had burst upon my understanding.
  • My understanding is pretty shaky, I'll admit.
  • That was Elsa's question, asked beneath my understanding gaze.

How To Use My Understanding In A Sentence?

  • I perceived dimly that she struggled with a conflict of emotions beyond my understanding.
  • I hope for the enlargement of my mind, and for the improvement of my understanding.
  • Thus everything that passed was made use of to improve my understanding and amend my heart.
  • My understanding was bemazed, and my senses were taught to distrust their own testimony.
  • We shall not be left to peaceful construction, if my understanding of the situation is correct.
  • Well, that is a good one, and comes up to my understanding of these aristocrats.
  • You must see this thing with my eyes, you must understand it with my understanding.
  • I collected from subsequent events that the inference was not unfavourable to my understanding or my morals.
  • It was only requisite for my understanding clearly to discern, to be convinced of the insuperability of this obstacle.
  • That's a proud word though, whoe'er thou be; But how I shall avoid it, is past my Understanding.
  • My mother's life has demonstrated this to me with beautiful clearness, hence my understanding.
  • How had it darkened my understanding, when I shrunk not with suspicion from the heart which was dead to the sacred charities of kindred!
  • He had named a house under the sea, and what that meant, or how any man could build such a house, lay beyond my understanding.
  • Of what occurred I must write as it happened to me then, and not as its full significance became later clear to my understanding.
  • In the filaments brushed across the face of my understanding I could discover none so strong as to support an overt act on my part.
  • These impediments were now, in the confusion of my understanding, overlooked or despised, and I forthwith set out upon this hopeless expedition.
  • My understanding, perhaps, qualified me to counsel and assist my father, but I was wholly unaccustomed to the task of superintendence.
  • When there was no further spectacle to distract me, then my understanding began to work and various considerations touching this business came into my mind.
  • I advised the President of my understanding with Martens, but fortunately no rupture occurred and the terms of peace were agreed upon.
  • How General Zurlinden can seriously accuse the Colonel of being a forger and a traitor passes my understanding.
  • Hence I might infer the childlike immaturity of my understanding, and the rapid progress I was still capable of making.
  • Nay, this is to my understanding three Gods, and Sherlock seems to have brought in the material phantom of a thing or substance.
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