My View In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For My View | My View Sentence

  • But that was and is my view.
  • It is nature within my view.
  • I had chosen my view from the belfry.
  • What horror meets my view?
  • A veil across my view.
  • How different was the scene which met my view!
  • She stopped for a moment before emerging into my view.
  • The official took my view of the case.
  • Oh! what enchantment meets my view!
  • For the future my view is that the fight must go on.
  • According to my view, it is moral and human.
  • A jutting corner of cliff wall hid my view.
  • To be absolutely candid, my view of the thing is this.
  • This idea seemed to open a new world to my view.
  • The scene faded from my view....
  • My dread pictures him to me, ever offers him to my view.
  • Abysses open to my View.
  • He turned his back to me, hiding the table from my view.
  • The Empress took my view.
  • The speaker, however, was concealed from my view.
  • And then Rowena came into my view as she passed the house.
  • That is my view of the matter, Edward.
  • That, in my view, is not a question for the Commission.
  • The State, in my view, should collar it.
  • The cedar tree obstructed my view, and I moved aside.
  • Exactly my view.
  • Now this is not merely my view of the functions of philosophy.
  • Meantime all their actions were plain to my view from the upper window.
  • In my view, you deserve the high esteem of all who love and serve God.
  • I have changed my view, and see more than formerly on this head.
  • I saw past the vast jutting wall that had obstructed my view.
  • In my view, the general style of the version ought not to be altered.
  • In my view, he also framed the argument wrongly when he did discuss it.
  • I had seen but little of her; yet my view was taken and my judgment made.
  • You have brought under my view a subject always difficult, at present critical.
  • I could not see what it was, waves of black vapour rose and obscured my view.
  • I could hear the voice now plainly, but my view was blocked by a heavy curtain.
  • You ask me why I am inclined to be practical in my view of this question.

How To Use My View In A Sentence?

  • Nothing can, in my view, be sadder than his attempts at consolation for the loss of friends.
  • I entered the house rather hurriedly, and the first object that met my view was a policeman.
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