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How To Use Myopic In A Sentence?

  • For they are simply short-sighted trustful people, the myopic victims of the salesman and saleswoman.
  • The most myopic of creatures could have seen that Anne was foolishly in love with her rascal husband.
  • That afternoon they came, pleasant-faced square little trudges with shiny black hair and round myopic eyes.
  • Conceive the vitality and energy implied in such a life; and think, if you can, of these two as puny, myopic victims of the lust of literature.
  • So all the movements of such a myopic person must be slow and careful, for he is in doubt about everything under foot, or even within reach of the hands.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Myopic | Myopic Sentence

  • His war-horse was named the Myopic Camel.
  • But for a highly myopic person there is no outward or forward looking.
  • I had to save the day by answering that I was glad to be myopic just now.

Definition of Myopic

near-sighted; unable to see distant objects unaided | shortsighted; improvident | narrow minded
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