Myself A In A Sentence

How To Use Myself A In A Sentence?

  • Rather I want to make myself a part of it.
  • So I made myself a spectacle of ridicule for myself.
  • Until recently I have considered myself a young man.
  • Yet at the end I seemed to myself a man reborn.
  • Give me your wool that I may cut myself a cloak out of it.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Myself A | Myself A Sentence

  • I felt myself a prisoner.
  • Will just cool myself a bit.
  • I like them myself a little.
  • I feel myself a cheat!
  • I was myself a dupe in the matter.
  • I sent myself a letter.
  • I have myself a capricious and leaking memory.
  • I felt myself a crushed woman.
  • I am getting myself a morsel of breakfast.
  • I would build myself a home.
  • I want to have my life to myself a bit.
  • I can get out with a niblick by splashing myself a bit.
  • I went to it and called myself a fool to my reflection.
  • I just found myself a man standing on the seashore.
  • I had always considered myself a man of honour.
  • I felt myself a good deal of a man.
  • I deemed myself a champion of the negro race.
  • I was careful to keep myself a second-rate wrestler.
  • I could not afford to make myself a laughing-stock.
  • I only saw the blunder myself a couple of days ago.
  • I allow myself, a dog is a heap of comfort.
  • To anger him, would be to make myself a beggar.
  • In spite of myself, a momentary shudder went through me.
  • I am myself a poor creature, and yet complain of others!
  • I say it to myself a hundred times a day, it is so sweet.
  • And you let me make a fool of myself, a perfect fool!
  • This, at least, scorns to myself a not illogical argument.
  • Today it saved Frank and myself a mauling.
  • But I can only alter myself a very little.
  • I'm going to give myself a day's rest.
  • It is there that I have made myself a home.
  • Suddenly I saw myself a selfish pig.
  • And I should have felt myself a foolish meddler.
  • I allow myself a 'damn' or two, nothing more.
  • I allow myself a 'damn' or two, nothing more.
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