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  • There is his mythological panacea.
  • Small mythological Scenes.
  • That is the riddle of the mythological Sphinx.
  • The same ideas pervade the mythological language of Greece.
  • The parentages of the mythological period are curiously intricate.
  • The mythological stories contradict each other on every point.
  • Moments of their growth, as treated by mythological science.
  • Show how aptly the mythological characters are fitted to modern persons.
  • After that Peter felt like a mythological being piloting the elements.
  • The constellation Virgo is an interesting one in mythological story.

How To Use Mythological In A Sentence?

  • And of all proper names mythological names are the most difficult to interpret.
  • It is noticeable that in mythological pictures landscape forms a prominent feature.
  • The starry riches of these constellations are well matched with their high mythological repute.
  • This insect is the chief mythological personage of the Bushmen of the western province.
  • For five days this mythological squadron was kept near the Dutch coast by a western wind.
  • Daniel Boone (1631-98) painted mythological subjects and familiar scenes of peasant life.
  • An interesting mythological picture by Moreelse is called Vertumnus and Pomona.
  • A Companion to the Mythological Astronomy, &c., containing remarks on recent publications....
  • We must always remember their secrecy about their inner religion, their frankness about their mythological tales.
  • The roots of this mythological tree penetrated the earth to its lowest depths and its giant top supported the heavens.
  • Great stages, with mythological and allegorical figures, were drawn in procession on these occasions.
  • The heaven is rather indeterminably laid out in irregular tracts, and the mythological names are preserved.
  • Yet despite its allegorical character, a number of mythological and fairy-tale motives are incorporated in it.
  • It was the custom to give realistic representation to mythological subjects by compelling criminals to take the part of the victim of the tragedy.
  • The image of the serpent is stamped upon every mythological fable connected with the realms of Pluto.
  • He painted a great number of religious and mythological subjects, portraits, landscapes, and animals.
  • The Svastika spread far and wide, everywhere assuming some fresh mythological and mysterious significance.
  • The Greeks set their mythological deities in the skies, and read the revolving pictures as a starry poem.
  • It is in marked distinction from the more ornate style which prevailed under the Empire, and of great mythological pictures there was none.
  • Her radiant splendor created her mythological personality, just as the agility of Mercury created that of the messenger of the gods.
  • Here must be mentioned Rembrandt's mythological picture known by the name of Narcissus.
  • Under the mythological forms, room was found for opening all the great questions, on which Margaret and her friends wished to converse.
  • For in taking up the Aryan investigations, I closed the circle of my historical mythological inquiry.
  • I am not going to touch on the mythological part of Helen's career, more than I can help.
  • The Muses were Greek mythological divinities who possessed the power of inspiring song, and were the patrons of poets and musicians.
  • In their proselytizing activity they tried to assimilate to their pantheism the mythological religion of the masses, and thus they became the philosophical supporters of idolatry.
  • We refrain in this place from indicating the mythological basis which underlies such a tale as this, as such a phenomenon is already amply illustrated in other works in this series.
  • The student of comparative myth who does not make use of the best in all systems of mythological elucidation is undone, for no one system will serve for all examples.
  • Cadmus: mythological king of Phoenicia; was regarded as the introducer of the alphabet from Phoenicia into Greece.
  • If you can say anything in the language-chapter about the genealogy of the mythological ideas it would be delightful for you to take possession of it, without encroaching on your own future explanations.

Definition of Mythological

Of, or relating to myths or mythology. | Legendary. | (colloquial) Imaginary.
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