Mythological in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Mythological

1. There is his mythological panacea. 🔊

2. Small mythological Scenes. 🔊

3. That is the riddle of the mythological Sphinx. 🔊

4. The same ideas pervade the mythological language of Greece. 🔊

5. The parentages of the mythological period are curiously intricate. 🔊

6. The mythological stories contradict each other on every point. 🔊

7. Show how aptly the mythological characters are fitted to modern persons. 🔊

8. Moments of their growth, as treated by mythological science. 🔊

9. The constellation Virgo is an interesting one in mythological story. 🔊

How to use Mythological in Sentences?

1. And of all proper names mythological names are the most difficult to interpret. 🔊

2. It is noticeable that in mythological pictures landscape forms a prominent feature. 🔊

3. The starry riches of these constellations are well matched with their high mythological repute. 🔊

4. This insect is the chief mythological personage of the Bushmen of the western province. 🔊

5. For five days this mythological squadron was kept near the Dutch coast by a western wind. 🔊

6. An interesting mythological picture by Moreelse is called Vertumnus and Pomona. 🔊

7. Yet despite its allegorical character, a number of mythological and fairy-tale motives are incorporated in it. 🔊

8. Great stages, with mythological and allegorical figures, were drawn in procession on these occasions. 🔊

9. We must always remember their secrecy about their inner religion, their frankness about their mythological tales. 🔊

10. The heaven is rather indeterminably laid out in irregular tracts, and the mythological names are preserved. 🔊

11. The roots of this mythological tree penetrated the earth to its lowest depths and its giant top supported the heavens. 🔊

12. It was the custom to give realistic representation to mythological subjects by compelling criminals to take the part of the victim of the tragedy. 🔊

13. The image of the serpent is stamped upon every mythological fable connected with the realms of Pluto. 🔊