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  • If they knew more, they would nab me.
  • Whalley Nab has been planted very liberally with trees.
  • They'll nab you if you hang around here till three o'clock.
  • If the police knew certain things they would nab Lennox.
  • If they knew others, they would nab Cassy Cara.
  • We went towards Rydal, under Nab Scar.
  • That's it, nab the beggar.
  • Afraid they'll nab him for what was done to-day?
  • The minute he steps out of this house they'll nab him.
  • I'm going to nab you; I've got a lay better than hooking you for the dock.
  • Great chance--to nab me on a new job altogether.
  • If he went up the drift Bill an' Joe will most likely nab him.
  • At all events, I don't mean to let the 'coppers' nab me this time.

How To Use Nab In A Sentence?

  • He'll go out the kitchen door, and when he does nab him, but don't let him yell.
  • The house stands looking southward, on the rocky side of Nab Scar above Rydal Lake.
  • We've got to find where that is and get the secret service men there in time to nab them.
  • Woolman is generally to be found leaving my rooms at about 6.30 in the evening, and a smart detective could easily nab him as he steps out.
  • The commanding and varied prospect obtained from the summit of Nab Scar, richly repays the labour of the ascent.
  • If the competition between her and Ri Hawkes gets any keener, Ollie will have to meet the train down at the crossing and nab the young man there.

Definition of Nab

(informal, transitive) To seize, arrest or take into custody (a criminal or fugitive). | (informal, transitive) To grab or snatch something. | The summit of an eminence.
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