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  • He took it off from the nail and put it on.
  • It was a nail he used to guide his knife when operating.
  • Shall ever ca'a nail in't.
  • My trench coat is hanging on a nail from a coat-hanger.
  • A small nail and a Spanish title.
  • I guess you hit the nail on the head that time, Reddy.
  • Don't show a finger nail of yourself.
  • Formerly it was the custom to nail the horse-shoe to the threshold.
  • In going about, you are careful not to step upon a nail or to twist your foot.
  • In the first place, a tire often gets punctured by a nail running into it.
  • One nail drives in another; one wearisome thing drives away another.
  • The key was hung on a nail in Clara's room.
  • I once jammed my nail at the bottom, and I expected to lose it.
  • There's a lie in that, and I want to nail it.
  • If you get a sight of Holz make sure of him, and nail him at once.

How To Use Nail In A Sentence?

  • It was hung on a nail in the little cage out of reach of any occupant of the stone chamber.
  • I am only certain of one thing, and that is that you have driven a nail into your own coffin.
  • He was richly tanned by exposure, and as hard as a nail from work in the open air.
  • He went to the window, and taking out the nail that held down the sash, pushed it up.
  • Cover strips of wood with baize, and nail them tight against a door, on the casing.
  • A smoky lamp stood on a rough pine table, before which a man was seated on a nail keg.
  • For answer I took down a worn, light, gray coat from a nail behind the kitchen door.
  • Throughout the heavenly sphere, Shamefully abused, Transpierced with nail and spear!
  • All you have to do is to go to the garret above my bedroom and press on a nail to the right of the window.
  • The vibration of the motor and the straining have pulled the nail heads through the holes in the rings.
  • The nail prints in hands and feet, and the scar in the side, are the only signs of his crucifixion.
  • But that person has hit the correct nail about my being very mixed up in it, and you must come away at once, please.
  • This is put in the edge of the carpet, and pushed by one person, while the nail is driven by another.
  • From these he habitually squeezes the pus onto his thumb nail, and at once ignorantly cleans the nail on some other part of the body.
  • He pointed to the new boots, and when Bill handed them to him he carefully studied every stitch and nail of each.
  • Only one more nail requires to be driven home to prove the blood-guilt of the German authorities for the murder of their own citizens.
  • He looked about impatiently, and then, moving toward the nail by the door, he lifted the coat to place it over that other one hanging there.
  • A third sly creature fetched in an embroidered wallet to hold an extra shift, and hinted in return for a true nail from the holy cross.
  • As for that which remains, I had hoped to determine for myself, but an unlucky fall from a nail has spoiled my sight.
  • From a nail he took down a lantern of heavy, fretted brass and lighted it, not without some difficulty, for his hands were still trembling.
  • His pillow was a flour sack filled with straw and of a doubtful colour, as was also the hand towel hanging on a nail beside a shocking wash basin.
  • In some places your footstep is perfectly implanted, showing the whole shape, and the square toe, and every nail in the heel of your boot.
  • She felt as though every nail she pounded was hurting the Man as well as herself, and she pounded just as hard as she possibly could.
  • I hung the first outside the nursery window, and the nail gave way, and the poor little fellow tumbled right to the ground and was killed.
  • Later, as he helped Fallon nail the wolfskin to the end of the bunk-house he told him of the interview with Moncrossen.

Definition of Nail

(transitive) To fix (an object) to another object using a nail. | (intransitive) To drive a nail. | (transitive) To stud or boss with nails, or as if with nails.
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