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  • It is not naively and unintentionally incongruous.
  • She added naively that he was awfully busy.
  • Charles naively asked her where this paper came from.
  • The flower admitted so naively that it had no business to be there.
  • There she very naively inquired about the application of Michael Moukhanoff.
  • And the "Elixir of Father Gaucher," what could be more naively ironic?

How To Use Naively In A Sentence?

  • Can you fancy anything more naively touching than this old mandarin spending several thousand pounds to console his white man?
  • Mrs. Burton imagined naively that if it were put into a pretty bottle the demand would exceed the supply.
  • For himself, Savary naively declared that much of his own participation in the subsequent events was mere accident.
  • If the premises of life in India are tortuous, conduct and reasoning are as naively innocent as a problem in geometry.
  • It is expressed, no doubt, naively and fancifully, even playfully, without attempt at philosophical deductions.
  • She got grand wages, and naively she added, you get a chance to make lots on the side, o' course.
  • As we rode on Romer naively asked me if ever in my life I had seen anything run so fast as that deer.
  • Where, I would know, has the love of little material things been so deliciously, so na├»vely confessed by any other poet?
  • Hannah naively says that, as regards Christmas boxes, she fared very well in olden times, but they were not so plentiful in her later years.
  • No girl in her first season had ever enjoyed herself more naively and she brought to every entertainment eager sparkling eyes and dancing feet that never tired.
  • Brittle novel about a wall street banker; his beautiful wife is a lesbian, but he naively believes her faithful because she prefers the company of women.

Definition of Naively

In a naive manner.

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