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  • I now return to the narrative of our march here.
  • Harboro broke in upon her narrative when she paused.
  • The narrative of what ensued is affectingly tragical.
  • The narrative devices, however, varied somewhat.
  • A Complete Narrative of the Events of the Past Year.
  • It dances through a long narrative with the delicacy of the fay himself.
  • The narrative goes forward breathlessly and holds the attention.
  • The love story embedded in the narrative is strikingly original.
  • It deleted a quotation from Browning in another narrative from the front.
  • Fazl and the death of Akbar, bringing his narrative down to 1608.
  • From this point Lieutenant Hodson's narrative commences.

How To Use Narrative In A Sentence?

  • It has been a pleasure in this narrative to record instances of a very different spirit.
  • But not quite so favorable was the condition of the different varieties of narrative composition.
  • Like everyone else, they hoped to reconstruct the narrative that had been shattered.
  • It is probably the best example of the simple poetic narrative of an historic event.
  • He turned in despair to the odd young woman whose narrative was now quite intelligible.
  • This is true not only in narrative principally concerned with action, but in writing of any kind.
  • Yet, somehow, men must forever weave themselves into the web of a narrative such as this.
  • It contains thirty-four pages, and gives a full narrative of this extraordinary imposture.
  • Prose, in particular narrative and descriptive prose, is made vivid by the same means.
  • Long ago in this narrative we saw how as far back as 1836 the locomotive first entered Utica.
  • At least, I will commit no more follies now, but continue my narrative like an honest chronicler.
  • Simply and quietly he began the narrative of the capture of the hunting party at Fort Frontenac.
  • The hymn corroborates, as far as it goes, the narrative of the Greek two thousand years later.
  • They are incompatible with a renaissance sensibility because of the narrative style of their intended unfolding.
  • And looks forward to the day when again he may take up his pen in the scribbling of another narrative such as this.
  • We shall not recapitulate his narrative of the election, but proceed at once to what followed on that description.
  • One is tempted to suspect that the whole narrative of the boat-race is filled with pragmatic allusions.
  • This is a personal narrative of a deeply interesting and instructive character, concerning one of the most remarkable men of the age.
  • The narrative which he gives is as calm and unimpassioned, and as free from any trait of this kind, as the narrative of the evangelist.
  • In following the career of two friends from youth to manhood, the author weaves a narrative of intense interest.
  • The most injurious rupture, of course, was to the narrative we use to feel safe and protected in an increasingly global society.
  • It is a narrative of a really stupendous effort, of struggles against adversity, of undaunted courage, of optimism and of faith.
  • The application of this rule, when dialogue and narrative are combined, is best learned from examples in well-printed works of fiction.
  • Only, I have no respect for the weakness that will outrage a promising bit of narrative for the sake of keeping to the facts.
  • It is the peculiarity of the Hesiodic poems to preserve the very features of religious narrative which Homer disregards.
  • At this juncture of the narrative Haidee turned red, and gave a swift embarrassed glance at Westenra.
  • I suspect that some novelists repressed their power under a rule that a narrative should narrate, and that the dramatic should be confined to the drama.
  • Cowper's narrative of his pet hares, 213-219; dog Beau and the water-lily, 79-81.

Definition of Narrative

Telling a story. | Overly talkative; garrulous. | Of or relating to narration.
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