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  • Has your creed narrowed to such alternatives?
  • Her eyes narrowed a little.
  • Her green eyes were narrowed when she looked at him.
  • His bright eyes narrowed to glittering slits.
  • His eyes may have narrowed a bit, but that was all.
  • By the third day the river narrowed and became swifter.
  • He looked at her keenly, his eyes narrowed in the sunlight.
  • Size medium; moderately narrowed across zygomata.
  • Wallie said nothing but watched with hard, narrowed eyes.
  • Stella's eyes narrowed reflectively.
  • Griffiths's eyes narrowed and glinted.
  • My wife crossed her knees and stared at me through narrowed lids.
  • Sandy's gloomy frown narrowed to a scowl.
  • Men saw that the hard gray eyes of the stranger narrowed ominously.
  • Her eyes narrowed defensively to every startling detail of woods or turf.
  • Gradually the Union lines were narrowed around the doomed town.
  • They may be parallel sided, narrowed distally, or narrowed proximally.
  • Something in her tone narrowed the Indian's eyes.

How To Use Narrowed In A Sentence?

  • At last the patient months of waiting were over and it had all narrowed down to this.
  • Consequently the whole economic scheme was considerably narrowed and hampered from the beginning.
  • Indulgently he smiled down at her, then his narrowed eyes traveled slowly about the room.
  • Her suddenly narrowed eyes foretold the tingling pride in some particular imagining.
  • Her eyes narrowed ever so slightly as she studied his averted face in that brief instant.
  • In some places it was as much as four feet wide; in others it narrowed to as little as two.
  • Who, born for the universe, narrowed his mind, And to party gave up what was meant for mankind.
  • Sometimes the generic meaning has been narrowed to the specific, while in other cases the specific meaning has been enlarged or altered.
  • Even then he had an inkling of my meaning, for a perceptible shadow fell over his face and his eyes narrowed to slits.
  • From a world-wide mission to all mankind we narrowed down at a single stroke to a concentrated operation on a strictly limited class.
  • The river at this spot was broad, but it narrowed suddenly on rounding a bend about a hundred yards away.
  • There seemed to be wisdom in this plan, for beyond the open the stretch of ground practicable for horsemen narrowed rapidly.
  • Sometimes the meaning is both narrowed and enlarged; and a good or bad sense will subsist side by side with a neutral one.
  • With our minds already narrowed in our youth and enslaved by the past in our mature age, we hardly dare to think.
  • His scraggly beard was thrust forward aggressively, and his deep-set eyes fairly blazed between narrowed lids.
  • She watched him, with narrowed eyes, while he stood off and tried to work blood and strength back into his muscles.
  • Yonder narrowed a gorge, fine and delicately covered, pleasing to one's aesthetic sense.
  • The stream now narrowed into a passage deep but barely wide enough for our canoes, our course lying always through tall and luxuriant hay.
  • It is to be feared, however, that this prejudice has narrowed many preachers down to a pulpit style almost devoid of warmth and action.
  • But on the farther side, as it narrowed towards the entrance, the hissing torrent tore like a mill-horse on its way.
  • The trail had originally been five feet wide, but the bushes, crowding in on either side, had greatly narrowed it.
  • The broad ethics of Jesus were quickly narrowed to village theologies, which preach an election or favoritism.

Definition of Narrowed

simple past tense and past participle of narrow
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