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  • In a few districts it is even narrower than this.
  • It is narrower in the middle than at the extremities.
  • The valley became narrower as they advanced.
  • Whether in the narrower or the wider social life.
  • His life became narrower as well as lonelier.
  • Coeloblast: the endoderm in the narrower sense.
  • The road was narrower still, and rougher.
  • This is on a street much narrower than the Ring Strasse.
  • He turned to her, his eyes narrower than she had ever seen them.
  • The stream grew narrower and the turtles upon the shore became visible.
  • Color darker; size smaller; skull narrower and shorter; baculum shorter.

How To Use Narrower In A Sentence?

  • In no pursuit does the human mind turn in a narrower circle than in architecture.
  • You will notice that the river is growing narrower and narrower until it is but a small stream.
  • Many of the most exquisite buildings are on the narrower canals, and of no larger dimensions.
  • On the other hand, the religious relationship became in their hands narrower and more external.
  • They next ventured down a narrower hall, over what was evidently the kitchen wing.
  • The trail was harder, steeper, narrower where it wound along the edges of the many ravines.
  • They had, of course, longer and narrower jaws than we have, and definitely carnivorous teeth.
  • It was always in a circle narrower than that of general society, that he was seen to most advantage.
  • For the bed is shorter than that a man can stretch himself on it; and the covering narrower than that he can wrap himself in it.
  • Below him was the narrower gorge, opposite him the cliff upon which he had crouched this afternoon.
  • Warrender tried to force first the head of his spanner, then the narrower end of the handle between the door and the side-post.
  • The wide ends are to form the pouches, and the narrower middle section the band to connect the two pouches.
  • About half a mile from the village they came to narrower cross-roads, leading apparently to the few scattered farmsteads of the neighbourhood.
  • The coagulum is then passed through smooth machines twice, once with the rolls fairly open, and once with a narrower space.
  • Lower and lower her resources had fallen; narrower and more narrow had become the circle of her comforts, till she was now completely a beggar.
  • I fought on for an hour, crossed what appeared to be a bridge, where there were a few mud hovels, and pressed on down a narrower valley.
  • Another passage lay before him, a narrower one, which soon developed a straight flight of narrow stairs leading upwards.
  • His is the most comprehensive system of Animism, using that term in the narrower sense of soul-worship.
  • No body of business men need be told how much keener competition is becoming daily, how much narrower the margin by which success must be won.
  • But it is also used, in a narrower sense, to mean the science which has to do with the knowledge of which Ideas will combine and which not.
  • Through this doorway, where they are cut away to allow the door to open, the steps continue for two stages, but in a narrower flight.
  • They stood there a second or two, Wickersham an inch or more taller and inches narrower in shoulder and girth of chest.
  • No man ever yet held aloof from his kind without paying the price in narrower sympathies, a narrower brain, and a narrower heart.
  • They rolled along the smooth wide road, watching the streak of light growing narrower in a veil of light grey cloud drawn athwart the sky.
  • The similar sign of the "Greyhound" still remains; the last relic of narrower streets and times more spacious.
  • The Christians deprived the Jews even of the right of holding real estate; and confined them to the narrower channels of traffic.
  • I had thought that no town could have narrower streets than Toledo; but the streets of Cordoba were mere slits between house-walls.
  • Du Sang, with burning eyes, shrank narrower and smaller into his corner, ready to shoot if he had to, but not liking the chances.
  • Further exposition of occult science will show that this home of the astral body is more extensive than that which belongs to the physical body in the narrower sense of the physical environment.

Definition of Narrower

comparative form of narrow: more narrow | One who, or that which, narrows.
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