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  • G.E. Haynes, National Conference of Social Workers, 1917.
  • R.R. Moton, Proceedings National Conference of Social Workers, 1917.
  • F.B. Washington, National Conference of Social Workers, 1917 Negro Migration.
  • 467 National Conference on Equal Employment Opportunity,

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  • ALLEN, S. B. "Des Moines Plan," National Conference on City Government (1907), pp.
  • At the National Conference, "The Problems of the Employment Manager in Industry" held at Rochester, New York, in May, 1918, considerable time was given to this question.
  • Along with this may be taken the declaration adopted, as a result of somewhat protracted discussions, at the National Conference of Unitarians in America, 1894; it would probably be accepted in all similar assemblies.
  • The American Association for Social Work with Families, and the National Conference of Social Work, attempt by conference and publication to spread the knowledge of social technique and to improve the work done by existing societies.
  • BRADFORD, E. S. "Commission Government in American Cities," National Conference on City Government (1909), pp.
  • On October 1-3, 1919, a national conference called by the Industrial Relations Department of the Interchurch World Movement met at the Hotel Pennsylvania in New York and adopted a resolution providing for a full investigation of the steel strike, then a burning public question.
  • National Conference of Jewish Social Service 114 Fifth Avenue, New York City
  • In Canada in 1910 no representative from the Province of Quebec attended the National Conference of Canadian Conservatives; of the four Provinces forming the South African Union it was in the Orange Free State, where in the local Parliament the minority was almost wholly deprived of representation, that racial differences gave rise to the keenest feeling.
  • The Federation, of which its organizer, Ralph M. Easley, was the secretary, now enlarged its scope in the political field and issued a "Call for a National Conference on Practical Primary Election Reform," in the name of some two hundred and fifty of the leading men of New York, Chicago, San Francisco, and thirty-five cities in between.
  • [16] Address of Mr. Harrington Emerson at the National Conference of the "Society of Industrial Engineers and Western Efficiency Society" on labor problems.
  • 432 National Conference on Small Business, _Washington, D.C., 1961_. Problems and opportunities confronting Negroes in the field of business; report.
  • 1962_, 467 National Conference on Small Business, Washington, D.C., _1961_, 432 National Council of Negro Women,
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