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  • However negotiations go the great national interests must be protected at any costs.
  • They have always held that national interests must be considered before international palaver.
  • There are national prejudices, national interests, professional prejudices and traditions.
  • The difficulty created by the conflicting national interests of the several States.
  • It was bad enough to be accursed with a spurious economy; but this was not the heaviest grievance that then weighed upon the national interests.
  • In war, where human lives as well as national interests are at stake, no thought whatever can be given to expense.
  • Neither party stood on great public principle, a sure sign of instability in the national councils, and ultimate neglect of the national interests.
  • An anomaly of the situation was that British local interests had long conflicted with Japanese national interests.
  • The cleavages between the various national interests would have been bridged and an internationalist cement introduced to counteract the imperialist cleavages.
  • Cottington was evidently a man of considerable ability, but the foreign policy pursued by him was opposed to the national interests and futile in itself.
  • Unable to view international affairs apart from national interests, we are handicapped in making those balanced judgments necessary to judicial arbitration.
  • Yet cases have occurred when parties have sacrificed their own advantage to the higher interests of the nation as a whole, and national interests demand a change in electoral methods.
  • But sound political economy, strange as it may at first appear to say so, has nothing whatever to do with separations between national interests.
  • To regard this question from a theoretic and international point of view, to the exclusion of any regard for the separate national interests of France, is a sheer absurdity.
  • The difficulty created by the conflicting national interests of the several States 44 XIII.
  • It stands above all party politics and is the supreme organ to which all disputes are referred that may arise affecting Czecho-Slovak national interests.
  • The Northern capitalists, preoccupied with their desire to secure this account, were naturally eager to repudiate sectionalism, and talked about national interests with a zeal that has sometimes been misinterpreted.
  • But both in Bulgaria and in Greece there were organized societies which sent insurgent bands into Macedonia to maintain and assert their respective national interests.
  • We are all of us playing for high stakes, and in a game affecting national interests we can't rely on everyday rules that do very well for ordinary men at ordinary times.
  • Shall Britain's naval supremacy be eternalized or overthrown, seeing that Britain only allows other nations to develop, so far as they are compatible with her national interests?
  • We see this in many degrees and forms, from the original totemistic belief in descent from animals that are also gods to the vaguest remnants of the habit of interpreting national interests as guarded by divine powers that we often see in the language of practical statesmen.
  • The enterprise is one of imperative necessity to commerce, navigation, and national defense, and any further discussion, any needless waste of time and money, is little short of indifference to the national interests and objects which are at stake.
  • These instructions recited the character and duration of the contest, the widespread losses it entails, the burdens and restraints it imposes upon us, with constant disturbance of national interests, and the injury resulting from an indefinite continuance of this state of things.
  • These volumes, accessible to everybody, and arranged with marvelous skill and lucidity, offer to the social observer a complete, accurate, and suggestive survey of every field comprised within the vast domain of the national interests.
  • Poor little puppets, in whose persons national interests were supposed to be centred, were made to lisp out their roles in international dramas whose final acts rarely were consistent with the promise of the prologue.
  • Had the system been possible, and had it actually existed two years ago, can it be doubted that the national interests and sentiments enlisted by it for the Union would have so strengthened the motives for adhesion derived from other sources that the wild treason of secession would have been impossible?
  • My Lord, A Frenchman who, after a shipwreck without parallel, has been fraternally assisted by foreigners whom national interests seemed calculated to estrange from him, is eager to give utterance to the sentiments of gratitude with which he is filled.
  • If the protection of the United States is relied upon, the United States must exercise such control as will enable this country to protect its national interests and maintain the rights of those whose private capital is embarked in the work.
  • Labor pleads in extenuation of its seemingly treasonable disregard of national interests that it is not merely reluctance to yield ground on fixed trade-union principles which inspires a spirit of revolt in the "munition areas.
  • I was taught, as every child within the German Empire is taught, to believe that Germany is above and before all the nations of the world, and that, in the brief life of this earth, nothing else but German national interests matter to its people.
  • I think that behind national interests and diplomacy and all that there lies a great guiding force--a Providence, in fact--which is for ever getting the best out of each nation and using it for the good of the whole.
  • This example of the State of Georgia will be imitated by other states, and with regard to other national interests,--perhaps the tariff, more probably the public lands.
  • Castile and Leon were still harried by the divorced husband, who now had no legal claim upon them, and there was a general consolidation of national interests for the national defence, while the conflicting interests with regard to the succession within the country were at the same time pressing for settlement and producing a state of strife and contention which was little short of civil war.
  • Internecine Strife Internecine strife is an unfortunate feature to be noticed throughout Serbian history, and constantly we see energy wasted in futile dissensions among various members of ruling families, who criminally and fatally neglected national interests, in pursuit by legitimate or illegitimate means of their personal ambitions.
  • March 10--M. Ghounaris completes formation of a new Cabinet; Ministerial statement declares that the observance of neutrality is imperative on Greece if she is to protect her national interests.
  • Without urging further the grounds of my opinion, I repeat, in conclusion, that it is the right and the duty of the United States to assert and maintain such supervision and authority over any interoceanic canal across the isthmus that connects North and South America as will protect our national interests.
  • National egotism and the effort to assert one's own national interests by all and every means are dominating so exclusively each belligerent group that it forms for itself a closed circle of ideas, and under its influence conclusions are drawn which are so contradictory that one is almost inclined to think that logic and common sense have been entirely eliminated from the thinking capacity of the warring nations....
  • His speech was at once an appeal to the liberals and peace-hungry of the Central Empires, a warning to the military clique in Germany then preparing to enforce degrading terms upon Russia, and a notification to the Allies that the United States could not be counted upon to fight for selfish national interests.
  • In the treatment of the common tradition in J and E, respectively, local or national interests appear, from which it is generally inferred that E was written in the Northern Kingdom (Israel) and J in the Southern (Judah).
  • By a supreme act of faith, the prophets claimed the enemies and oppressors of Israel as instruments of the will of Jehovah, and the chronicler's genealogies show that he shared this faith; but it was still inevitable that the Jews should look out upon the world at large from the standpoint of their own national interests and experience.

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