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  • Nowhere has the Malayan attained national organization.
  • It has a national organization, however, representing some twenty-six states.
  • SEE National Organization for Public Health Nursing.
  • At this time the Jews have their national organization again in Palestine.

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  • On the contrary, they all need to be still further consolidated in a completely national organization of health.
  • It was a political movement, intended to replace the centralized national organization by one based on a federation of communes.
  • When the prohibitionists of Iowa united with the national organization I strongly advised against it.
  • I never belonged to or cooperated with what has been known as the "Third party" or the prohibition party as a national organization.
  • If the Vikings had had national organization under one head, they might well have laid the rest of Europe under tribute.
  • The people, through their chosen representatives, wielding the whole power of the national organization, could not be expected to tyrannize over themselves.
  • Those who adhered to the national organization still continued, however, to do business by their old name and under their former organization as adherents of the national body.
  • In addition to providing insurance, this society carries on, through its national organization, extended work of a social and educational character.
  • One is that three or more local unions, if of different states, may instruct the general secretary to call for a referendary vote in the unions of the national organization.
  • They contented themselves with the usual parliamentary routine; appointed a committee on national organization; issued a call for a delegate convention; and adopted and put forth a stirring address to the country.
  • With the multiplication of women's lodges came the demand on the part of the women for representation in the national organization.
  • While benefit societies among the Italians are very numerous, there has until recently been little movement toward a national organization similar to those among the Poles and Lithuanians.
  • I could not and never have been able, therefore, to see the propriety of a national organization based upon the idea of prohibiting the sale of intoxicating liquors as a beverage, or establishing places of resort for such sale.
  • It promptly split upon the subject of slavery, and a portion of its membership sent word offering support to another convention which was sitting at Pittsburgh, and which had been called to form a national organization for the Republican party.
  • The genius who presided over the organization of this Republic, whose impressive force was knit into every fibre of our national organization, was the greatest soldier, save one, of the modern world; and the most far-visioned leader and statesman of all time.
  • An "Important Call" was issued which recited the fact that there was a national organization of employers in the building industry which proposed to regulate all matters relative to that interest, and that to successfully defend their rights the wage-workers in the building industry must be thoroughly organized and ever on the alert.
  • The history of man, from the lowest tribal condition to the highest national organization, has been a history of constant and multifarious admixture of strains of blood; of admixture, absorption, and destruction of languages with general progress toward unity; of the diffusion of arts by various processes of acculturation; and of admixture and reciprocal diffusion of customs, institutions, and traditions.
  • It is needless to trace the origin and growth of this principle; but its operation has been so powerful and productive, so fully imbued with moral and intellectual power, so solid and safe as a basis of national organization, as shown in the marvellous history of the United States, that no uncongenial principle is capable of resisting it, or even of maintaining an existence by its side.
  • This National Council met in Washington, D. C., on June 10, 1915, and put the management of the business of the National Organization in the hands of an Executive Committee, composed of: A President.
  • They advocate selecting a State, possibly Nebraska, where conditions seem uncommonly favorable, and concentrating the entire strength of the national organization, every dollar of money in the national treasury, all the speakers and organizers, all the literature, in a mighty effort to give the women of that one State the ballot.
  • As a national organization, the new faction ceased with the defeat of Fillmore and Donelson in 1856; its fragments nevertheless held together in many places in the form of local minorities, which sometimes made themselves felt in contests for members of the Legislature and county officers; and citizens of foreign birth continued to be justly apprehensive of its avowed jealousy and secret machinery.
  • Therefore, after much stretching of constitutions, the international unions, with the exception of the Bricklayers, Molders and Patternmakers (who charged respectively $7.25, $5.00 and $5.00), agreed to a uniform initiation fee of three dollars, one dollar of which was to be used for defraying expenses of the national organization work.
  • The strongest societies among the Croatians are the National Croatian Society of 50,000 members, and the Croatian League of Illinois of 39,000 members, sometimes called the "New Society," which in spite of its name is really a national organization.
  • Pursuant to a call issued by the Amalgamated Building Trades' Council of Chicago, a convention of delegates from building trades organizations of the country met in this city on Tuesday June 28, and in a three days' convention perfected a national organization with the objects as set forth in the preceding paragraph.
  • In the meantime action has been taken to change the name of the new national organization from the "Society for the Erection of a Croatian Orphanage" to the "Society for the Care of Croatian Orphans," and the by-laws of the society are being rewritten so that the movement need not be committed to institutional care at the outset, but will be free to choose in the light of the best information at hand.
  • The first public meeting of the National Organization of the Girl Pioneers of America was held by the founder, Miss Lina Beard, in the quaint old Pioneer meeting-house on Broadway, in Flushing, New York, February 8, 1912.
  • The national organization concentrated a wonderfully _efficient_ auxiliary force in aid of the intense activity already exerted by the local managers, who so well understood the popularity of Mr. Gaston and of the strong hold he had upon the people.
  • So in Russia, where so large a part in the national organization is played by the _Artel_
  • 189 Lexington Ave., New York City The Girl Scouts, a National Organization, is open to any girl who expresses her desire to join and voluntarily accepts the Promise and the Laws.
  • Russian Independent Orthodox Brotherhoods 34 Vine Street, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Russian Independent Society 917 North Wood Street, Chicago, Illinois Russian National Organization P. O. Box 2066, Bridgeport, Connecticut Russian National Society 5 Columbus Circle,
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