Nationalism In A Sentence

Definition of Nationalism

Patriotism; the idea of supporting one's country, people or culture. | Support for the creation of a sovereign nation (which does not currently exist). | (Britain, Ireland) Support for the union of Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

How To Use Nationalism In A Sentence?

  • His uncompromising nationalism may be gauged from the following examples from his writings.
  • In fact, the very ardour of their nationalism was a prime cause of their subsequent misfortunes.
  • Pan-Islamic nationalism is a relatively recent phenomenon and has not been doctrinally worked out.
  • As in the English election, nationalism decided the issue in favour of the party in power.
  • As if Irish Nationalism in its extreme form required precedent for insurrection!
  • He regarded himself as a colonist, and his Nationalism was Colonial Nationalism.
  • No rule in Arithmetic is plainer than this law of Sociology, and Nationalism is its expression.
  • One evidence of this new nationalism was a widespread belief in the necessity of territorial expansion.
  • Without the Young Irelanders, Irish Nationalism might not have survived the Famine.
  • As that day approaches, it will be found that nationalism is a much simpler thing than it now seems.
  • A period of internationalism may follow the intense nationalism which historical critics foresee for the twentieth century.
  • The war, in another aspect of it, has been a conflict between the idea of nationalism and that of internationalism.
  • The Japanese fostered nationalism most strikingly when they drove inland the protagonists of nationalism.
  • Nevertheless, the fact remains that men pay scant attention to race, while nationalism stirs them to their very souls.
  • They taught nationalism not merely with the fury of their guns, or with the cruelties of their hysterical troops in Nanking.
  • But, in the last analysis, nationalism is something over and above all its constituent elements, which it works into a new and higher synthesis.
  • Those, then, who talk of nationalism as a solution of our troubles, ought to tell us just what they are after, and what methods they propose.
  • This policy made it almost impossible for a German to hold any middle position between extreme nationalism and extreme internationalism.
  • Indian nationalism has followed a course differing distinctly from that of Islam, and will therefore be considered in the following chapter.
  • The outstanding feature about this early Indian nationalism was that it was a distinctively Hindu movement.
  • It is at that time that the secondary or "racial" aspects of Turkish nationalism first come prominently to the fore.
  • The key to liberty is the "separation of the temporal and spiritual powers;" but Nationalism does even more than that.
  • Meanwhile, by the closing decades of the nineteenth century, the first phase of nationalism had patently passed into Asia.
  • And once more he declares, "We certainly want no nationalism that is not an orderly development." ...
  • Religion as a cause of war belongs to a day in which the spirit of nationalism was weak, and when religious empire had a visible and political position in the world.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Nationalism | Nationalism Sentence

  • They merely signify nationalism brought up to date.
  • This Nationalism only can do.
  • This is Nationalism to a dot!
  • But nationalism is not merely a European phenomenon.
  • How many friends could Irish Nationalism count?
  • We certainly want no nationalism which is not an orderly development.
  • Socialistic ideas and new aspects of nationalism and patriotism appear.
  • Certainly, this was the noblest form which nationalism has ever assumed.
  • In other words, it seems to me, nationalism is only a prophecy.
  • From this caricature of itself the Jewish nationalism is safe.
  • The revolution of 1908, however, brought nationalism to power.
  • Foreign troops taught inland China what nationalism really meant.
  • This second stirring of Arab nationalism was likewise of short duration.
  • Turkish nationalism had, in fact, now reached the second or "racial" stage.
  • Turkish nationalism was also frowned on by Sultan Abdul Hamid.

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