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How To Use Native Of In A Sentence?

  • The white mulberry is a native of northern China and Japan.
  • His grandfather was a native of Perthshire, named Izett.
  • It is extremely rare, and is a native of the Indian Seas.
  • Shawneetown, is a native of Lewis county, Mo.
  • Pedro Campana was, for example, a native of Brussels.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Native Of | Native Of Sentence

  • He was a native of the place.
  • He was a native of the village, the son of a clockmaker.
  • He was a native of Aargau.
  • Girard was a native of Bordeaux.
  • Chopin was a native of Poland.
  • Was a native of Scotland.
  • I am a native of the village of Prossedi.
  • This plant is a native of Mexico.
  • It is said that he was a native of Maine.
  • Morse was born a native of Brazil.
  • But I was not a native of the clime.
  • He is supposed to have been a native of Ohio.
  • He was a native of Granada and was born in 1601.
  • This duck is said to be a native of China.
  • I encountered it in talking to a native of Wuertemberg.
  • Toledan, native of Toledo.
  • Moth not a native of America, 246.
  • Do you think tea a native of the department of the Aisne?
  • He is a tall, strongly-built native of Japan.
  • Chantonnit, as his name shows, was a native of Neuchatel.
  • He was sixty-six years old, and a native of Watervliet.
  • It is a native of the West Indies.
  • He was a native of Nismes, twenty-four years old.
  • But Savonarola was not a native of Florence.
  • It is native of Chile as well as of California.
  • He was in all probability a native of Northern India.
  • The gorilla is a native of West Africa.
  • Mr. Gato was native of the Panhandle.
  • He was a native of Leche in the kingdom of Naples.
  • The latter was a native of Rijoles in Calabria.
  • King was a Cornishman, a native of Launceston.
  • Eusebia was a native of Thessalonica, in Macedonia.
  • This singular plant is a native of North Carolina.
  • Alexander was a Grammaticus, a native of Phrygia.
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