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Definition of Natural Resources

plural of natural resource

How To Use Natural Resources In A Sentence?

  • She retains her genial climate, her kindly soil, and her many natural resources.
  • The Government asks the co-operation of women in its latest work of conserving natural resources.
  • The natural resources of the allied countries are overwhelmingly greater than those of their enemies.
  • The abundant natural resources of the country and the material prosperity of the people are a factor that cannot be ignored.
  • On every side we have evidence of the tremendous natural resources and indefatigable laboriousness of the people.
  • The idea of applying foresight and common-sense to the other natural resources as well as to the forest was natural and inevitable.
  • To sustain life independently of other men's permission, access to natural resources is essential.
  • This is the testimony, then, of those who from the beginning participated in one of the foremost natural resources of this country.
  • He engaged himself greatly, therefore, in developing the natural resources of each particular district.
  • The development of natural resources is not interesting unless it affords a percentage of some sort, to be earned without effort.
  • With the increasing number of negro slaves, the possibilities of exploiting all the rich natural resources of the island were multiplied.
  • All riches of the soil and all natural resources of economic use shall be under the supervision of the State.
  • A system of taxation which discriminates against timber, one of the chief natural resources of the commonwealth, is to be condemned.
  • Our animal food can not be classed among our natural resources, but as a product of them, and requires the same care and wise use.
  • Before the members of any other profession dealing with natural resources, the Foresters acquired the long look ahead.
  • And then the French do not breed the new generation sufficiently large to furnish laborers for developing the natural resources of the country.
  • South America is an immense but very fertile continent, whose natural resources are as yet scarcely begun to be utilised.
  • Those competitors who have the richest and best natural resources to work with have an advantage over their competitors which is essentially a monopoly.
  • We have the fertility of soil; we have the natural resources; we have coal; we have gas; we have wheat land and pasture land and fruit land.
  • Slowly but surely the people are awakening to the great value of the natural resources that are being conserved in the National Forests.
  • Geographical environment should be emphasized as well as the influence of natural resources and productions in developing the country and in determining its history.
  • A rather aggrieved reaction to the tales of abundant natural resources in Virginia is contained in this letter from one Tho.
  • Belle was an orphan, without brothers, and she clung to Charley with the tenacity of a loving heart, deprived of its natural resources.
  • Effective appeal of this kind is impossible unless the teacher has an insight into existing habits and tendencies, the natural resources with which he has to ally himself.
  • Brings for the first time the wonderful natural resources of the United States to the notice of American children.
  • But men and women, as they are learning how to conserve their natural resources, are thinking far more than ever before of health and how to keep it.
  • It can hardly be doubted that in the case of our own country, the transfer to private owners of the title to our natural resources has been in the past the wisest and only proper course.
  • Never forget, Mr. Reeves, that the ultimate foundations of this nation rest on the wise distribution of its natural resources.
  • When the benefits of our natural resources are so widely distributed as this, there can be little occasion to alarm ourselves regarding injustice through the private control of farming lands.
  • Whatever rent may arise from differences in the qualities of natural resources will be made a community fund, perhaps to be substituted for taxes or to be divided among the producers.
  • It was on one of the excursions which I made into the forest in my study of these natural resources, that I met the Conjure man.
  • Of these islands the writer presents an interesting account, describing their principal products and natural resources, as well as the character and religious beliefs of the natives.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Natural Resources | Natural Resources Sentence

  • The soil is the greatest of our natural resources.
  • Artificial aids of all kinds are cheaper than the natural resources.
  • Even our acquaintance with their natural resources remains but superficial.
  • His untouched and uncharted natural resources are beyond computation.
  • They reported it rich in natural resources, with splendid subsoil.
  • The lumber and fish produced in a country are also among its natural resources.
  • The West was the nation's reserve of natural resources.
  • A Nation's Riches lie both in its people and in its natural resources.

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