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How To Use Near In A Sentence?

  • The trees grew so near together that it was impossible to see more than a yard or so ahead.
  • There was a great crowd at the beach near the shore end of the pier where the launch landed.
  • When I think of how near we were to drowning or burning up it makes me shudder!
  • Fatima was crouched down near Lucy, listening to the history of a piece of lace.
  • I was well frightened, and I made all the noise I could, but no one was near and it did no good.
  • I waited till he had climbed the stairs and was near the landing and couldn't escape.
  • We thought it was somewhere in the neighborhood of thirty years ago, but that was as near as we could get at the date.
  • The lindens near the fountain began to blossom, and in the garden of the church the oak-leaves clustered.
  • All that she wanted just then was to get away by herself, so afraid was she that the tears so near her eyelids might pop out at any moment.
  • Warner was a near neighbor, from the autumn of '71 until his death, nineteen years afterward.
  • Several autos were in view, their occupants taking lunch in a pavilion near the hotel or walking about stretching their limbs.
  • You know we are not exactly millionaires, and our limited capital may not come anywhere near covering things.
  • Two or three times he came near to reaching the four-minute altitude, but always he fell short a little.
  • From near the top of this ridge a jingal soon began firing, and kept up an intermittent cannonade for several hours.
  • If none of the new lot suited him, the landlord believed that one or more of older date were to let near the river.
  • My condition was the same, but it would not be courteous to laugh; it would be better to burst, and we came near it.
  • Some jingal bullets did on occasion fall fairly near the bridge, and one mule was actually hit in the act of crossing.
  • I tried stalking him from behind my own pony, and got fairly near him, only to find his two heels perilously near our two heads.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Near | Near Sentence

  • Yet we were near being wedded once.
  • She was near to swooning.
  • Pep was pretty near dancing.
  • A footstool lay near it.
  • There was a spare chair near by.
  • Wait for me in the corner near the door.
  • He must be very near the end of his journey.
  • They mighty near ended in a fight.
  • There is a little girl at the class who sits very near me.
  • He was near enough now to pretty well grasp the situation.
  • The engineer of the motor boat had got near to Frank.
  • He too cannot sleep while he is so near to her whom he has so deeply wounded.
  • Peter moved it near to the others and sat down as if he owned it.
  • Meanwhile the youngster had come near enough to reach him with his scimitar.
  • Before they could get near the enemy they had to cross a steep strip of snow.
  • Frank had his eyes fixed upon a small electric launch lying near the pier.
  • Quite near them there lay something that Gray recognized with a thrill.
  • Another desk was also near him, and a second violin-case stood upon the floor.
  • In a lofty apartment sat Santonio near a table laid for dinner.
  • I knew not where I was, how near or how far from my appointed place of rest.
  • But it dragged itself onward, moaning now and then, until it got near Gray.
  • Once near the Prince, Teleki needed no one's good word.

Definition of Near

Physically close. | Closely connected or related. | Close to one's interests, affection, etc.; intimate; dear.
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