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  • Would my neck were broken!
  • My neck is fair broken.
  • It is during this last leap that it puts its neck into the noose and is taken.
  • The noble delicacy of her neck caused him a sort of transport.
  • About her slender neck there was a rope of gold-set amber beads.
  • What she really wanted was to put her arms about his neck and have a good cry.
  • He nearly broke his neck in a fall from his horse in a fox-chase.
  • The man had put his hand on the neck of the horse, and he still kept it there.
  • It arched its neck and whinnied joyfully when Gray came close.
  • Mr. Wickersham tried it once, and came near getting his neck broken for it.
  • If my own neck had stood in the way, I would have said, Hew it off!
  • Captain Warfield's face and neck began to swell and turn purple.
  • In a moment Harry's arms were around his neck and he was weeping like a child.

How To Use Neck In A Sentence?

  • Around his neck and hanging down on his dirty chest was a string of gold sovereigns.
  • He did that too, and loaned her his neck handkerchief to sop up the last of the wet.
  • Putting spurs to his horse and bending low over his neck he escaped amid a shower of bullets.
  • He crumpled in the saddle; sprawled a moment on the neck of his horse, and dropped to the ground.
  • The stripes on the head and neck were yellow; there was no red "ear" on the side of the head.
  • We mostly called it "poker" and "redhead," owing to the bright chestnut of its neck and head.
  • I eyed their generous display of pink neck and arm with the seasoned eye of a man who has lived in the world.
  • The moment she saw him she rushed into his arms, and clasped him round the neck with all the vivacity of her nation.
  • Round her neck twines a gold chain, between each of the large broad links of which sparkles an emerald.
  • His face became dark red, and the veins on his forehead and in his neck stood out and throbbed visibly.
  • There was some water in the cask, and the thirsty lamb stretched his neck farther and farther down to get a drink.
  • The old practice of burying the cat up to the neck in the seed bedding and keeping the ammonia for subsequent use is considered obsolete.
  • Then had arisen, from neck to forehead, a slow and terrible flush that deepened to the end of the reading.
  • She sank her spurs into her horse and bending low over his neck was away like an arrow, but no avenging bullet followed her.
  • Although she appeared quite unknown to him, he fell upon her neck and embraced her, so wearied was he of the perpetual youth around him.
  • Her neck and shoulders are covered by a heavy, watered silk dress, fastened by a row of diamond buttons.
  • This robe is unbuttoned in front, so as to leave free her heaving bosom, which is covered right up to the neck with lace frills.
  • One adult male had, in life, the top of the head yellow with black spots; the stripes on the head and neck were red.
  • The large wide head and fearfully armed jaws are united by a strong neck to powerful shoulders, from which spring the thick and muscular fore-legs.
  • Her tremulous fingers, involuntarily and spasmodically, clutch at the smooth neck of the panther, and the tortured beast roars aloud for pain.
  • Major Lessard, who happens to be the big chief in this neck of the woods, seems to have developed a sudden grouch against him.
  • I've stretched my neck half a yard longer, looking out after that rapscallion, Dan.
  • Julia looked a moment anxiously at this fragile girl, whose tiny head was poised on a long, delicate neck like a fruit on its stem.
  • Just then the "angler" slips a wire nooze over the craned neck nearest him, and it is jerked down as quickly, though as silently as possible.
  • His horse was found lying dead, with an ugly wound in its neck from the horn of a bull; but Harding and his dog were gone.
  • The grape-vine played an important part in my life, for my father broke his neck while he was pruning it, when I was thirteen.
  • A small forked stick is made to support the head and neck of the decoy "dummy," which, if there are birds in the vicinity, soon attracts them.

Definition of Neck

To hang by the neck; strangle; kill, eliminate | (chiefly US) To make love; to intently kiss or cuddle; to canoodle. | To drink rapidly.
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