Necktie In A Sentence

Definition of Necktie

A strip of cloth worn around the neck and tied in the front. See also bowtie.

How To Use Necktie In A Sentence?

  • And then he has a trick of sticking his hand under his necktie and smoothing down his beard.
  • Presently the flashy man with the red necktie spied her and sauntered past her down the aisle.
  • Round the throat a small collar of worked muslin or a necktie of plaided ribbon.
  • His pince-nez fell off his nose, and he stood pulling at his necktie for a few seconds.
  • Lucy asked gayly, across the laughing baby who pulled at her necktie and snatched down her curls.
  • His necktie is worn by the right oblique, his iron-gray hair is combed by the wind.
  • It was not the sort of abode that would appeal, she fancied, to necktie drummers.
  • I don't reckon you can get that in your trunk, and ifen you can't a necktie will have to do.
  • His wool undershirt and drawers, his trousers and stockings, and his silk necktie were gone.
  • He placed, removed, and replaced a garnet stickpin in the necktie a dozen times handrunning.
  • Then I wrapped it around my neck and tied it in a regular four-in-hand necktie knot.
  • Mr. Tidey Junior carefully arranged his necktie and slipped down from his stool.
  • He rejoiced in his stoutness and took grim pleasure in the fact that his necktie had slipped up at the back.
  • The well-worn and used-up necktie did not certainly look worth the battle that had been waged over it.
  • That evening he found himself under the necessity of buying a necktie at the store, and so had taken it from his trunk.
  • Do you presume to express your opinion on taste when you are wearing a green satin necktie with a pink shirt?
  • His necktie had disappeared around his neck, and beads of perspiration were standing out upon his forehead.
  • The papers said that the steel necktie worn by my stooge at the theatre had to be cut off by a water-cooled electric saw.
  • Everyone howled with laughter, and the tension was broken for all but the man with the iron necktie who remained forlorn and miserable.
  • Hastily calling the attention of the man with the red necktie to them, he hurried around the corner, and the other followed.
  • It was not his garb that made him regal, for he was clad in a suit of simple black with a vest and necktie of spotless white.
  • She laid one on the bed, his collar and necktie beside it, and took down his best suit from the closet.
  • His necktie pleased him; the elegance of his turned-back wristbands pleased him; and he liked the rich down on his forearms.
  • He wore gray spats, and his clothes were obviously well tailored, and his necktie was done in a bow.
  • He began by making a new heaven and a new earth, with the same irresponsible instinct by which men buy a new necktie or button-hole.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Necktie | Necktie Sentence

  • His necktie was awry.
  • I asked him to take the necktie off.
  • She no longer thought of him as a necktie drummer.
  • Look at your friend of the red necktie hurrying up to him.
  • His hair was rumpled and his necktie a trifle awry.
  • Finally I removed his necktie and let it drop to the floor.
  • The verified absence of necktie and collar seemed to be choking him.
  • There was pink in his necktie and the freckles stood out across his nose.
  • They couldn't get the iron necktie off.
  • She hurriedly grabbed this necktie rope and was drawn ashore by her comrades.
  • She lifted her eyes from his necktie to his face, remembering past regrets.
  • The young lad had a white necktie and wore a long coat of clerical cut.
  • A red necktie was also visible, even at a considerable distance.
  • The necktie drummer retired, permanently, to the smoking-car.
  • Hamilton Tooting, in a glorious white silk necktie with purple flowers.
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