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  • And we are needing more.
  • Blair is not needing you yet.
  • The men will be needing it.
  • Provide testaments or bibles for those needing them.
  • They had never dreamed of needing one.
  • In these visits many girls needing assistance are found.
  • Even to smile or laugh was a fault needing severe penance.
  • The moral is obvious, needing no words to make it plainer.
  • The world is needing the light of Bible truth.
  • Some Pupils always needing Restraint in Regard to Study.
  • I'll be needing to work.
  • I'm sold on your needing a vacation.
  • I'd be needing shoes or a new dress.
  • True when written, but now needing to be qualified by one exception.
  • She treated the question as needing no reply; she sat there for real things.
  • But, needing water for the rite, He looked and there was none in sight.
  • Every article of clothing needing to be washed must have the owner's name.

How To Use Needing In A Sentence?

  • For most of these excellent gentlemen were lawyers and had offices needing their attention.
  • America is likewise needing such a body of experts to supplement government investigations.
  • Young ladies at the university are only prohibited from receiving money, not from needing it.
  • This is not usually regarded as sickness, or needing any physiological treatment.
  • Certainly within the stricken flesh a mind and a self were poignantly awake, needing an answer.
  • She was as beautiful as a garden rose is, needing no defense, no ramparts of cloying phrases.
  • I have many affairs needing attention between now and the nine-ten train from Victoria.
  • Here's a contract, needing only your signature, and here's a check, needing only my signature.
  • As to their needing entertainment in the way of children's parties, that was not likely.
  • It is always present in his mind as something novel and surprising, needing insistence and emphasis.
  • He launched forth into the subject with an artless zest, not needing any prompting from his attentive listener.
  • Thus easily did mythology explain all troublesome inconsistencies; but it is much that it should even have recognized them as needing explanation.
  • Moreover, when he spoke of her being alone some day and needing protection, he touched a sympathetic chord in her heart.
  • The physician too may carry out important psychological experiments, without needing the outfit of a real laboratory.
  • The mother requests it to be silent, except when needing to ask for food, or when spoken to by its older friends.
  • I found ready to hand; and the elder ones getting up and needing to be set out in the world, and what prospect was there for them?
  • It is often remarked that each missionary thinks his particular field the most important, and the one especially needing help and enlargement.
  • Estelle asked no questions, not needing to be told that Gerald's note had worked the change.
  • How admirable is the Italian organization, which can understand poetry without needing a pedant to explain its beauties!
  • Then he decided that he would go up quietly and look at his father; it was past supper time, and perhaps the sick man might be needing something.
  • There was dried beef in that mess, and onions and carrots and potatoes, and they had all been cooked up together, needing only to be warmed over now.
  • It is not in the least probable that I should have even thought of needing a drink if it had not suddenly occurred to me that there was no water in the house.
  • But the Procession of life, needing a group, a host, an army for its physical expression, reached at that moment the nearer end of the huge avenue.

Definition of Needing

present participle of need | A need.
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