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  • Both were engaged in some nefarious work.
  • The nefarious intrigue was frustrated by a mere accident.
  • The monsters plied their nefarious trade in small boats.
  • Cilley, Ensign, author of nefarious sentiment, 26.
  • They do treat 'em nefarious down thah on the wholesale plantations.
  • Gouverneur Morris pronounced slavery "a nefarious institution.

How To Use Nefarious In A Sentence?

  • Did she sympathise with his nefarious schemes, or was she decoyed into them like myself?
  • The lads fell silent as the hugeness of this nefarious business gradually dawned on them.
  • At their head stood the lily mare, as if doing her own nefarious part by her own kind.
  • There, if his eyes did not deceive him, were evidences of mortar dislodged by nefarious toes.
  • You say he is the man who drew the maps and who has been the intermediary in this whole nefarious scheme.
  • I understand him to be a peripatetic body, who travels a great deal in furtherance of his nefarious schemes.
  • Many women had helped him in his nefarious designs; they fell easy victims to his blandishments and his payments.
  • It is surprising how readily the usurper appeared to find men of high position ready to execute his nefarious schemes.
  • Dogs usually dispose of the food offering; and passing children are only too likely to pick up the nefarious coin.
  • Because he expressed truth in the abstract only, not truth in the concrete also, concerning that nefarious scheme.
  • On hearing of such a nefarious and cowardly attempt, the disciples hastened to the spot and conveyed their beloved master to his monastery.
  • If he put down seditious risings with a strong hand, they insisted that he was in nefarious league with the corn-merchants and the bakers.
  • This order, as it struck them all, could only have reference to keeping out some nefarious intruder, such as a thief.
  • But I arraign the newspapers that give their columns to corrupt advertising for the nefarious work they are doing.
  • But they, numerous and powerful as they were, yet were afraid, and so they had chosen the midnight hour for their nefarious purpose.
  • He has taken a noble and high-sounding Fijian name and dragged it in the dirt to suit his nefarious purposes.
  • Paulet, however, though a harsh and violent man, positively refused to sanction so nefarious a scheme.
  • To put an end to this nefarious practice the card-system was introduced; but that, it is said, has now been similarly abused.
  • There was a person whom he feared and admired absolutely and he had been a most useful spy and agent for the Skipper in certain nefarious plots.
  • He lamented that some of our Eastern brethren, from a lust of gain, had embarked in this nefarious traffic.
  • He had written this letter to his friend Denton, suggesting that the latter should assist him in his nefarious scheme of blackmail.
  • There are now hundreds of printing-presses busy in making pamphlets and circulars for schemes as hollow and nefarious as those I have mentioned.
  • His property was all confiscated and more; he had the fiercest feeling that it was entirely unjust, nefarious in the sight of God and man.
  • During all the period here dealt with no man's life, no woman's honour, was safe from these pirates within the area of their nefarious activities.
  • One of the most salient peculiarities of the corsairs at this time was the apparent recklessness with which they assailed others who were participants in their nefarious business.
  • The truth is that I was entering into our nefarious undertaking with an involuntary zeal of which I was myself quite unconscious at the time.
  • Nevertheless, the long revolver which had once more done its nefarious work still lay ready to his hand; indeed, the Hon.
  • But these dishonesties in the carrying on of the game are nothing when compared with the frauds which are committed in order to get money to go on with the nefarious work.
  • Knowing all this perfectly well, we talked with entire freedom of our nefarious scheme for undermining the safety of the German Empire.
  • That Dearsley has been makin' the rowlin' wealth av Roshus by nefarious rafflin'.
  • I could see perfectly what he meant by that, and I liked him more for this little generosity than I disliked him for his nefarious scheme.
  • Is government corrupted because men desire shield and opportunity for dishonest speculation; authority and countenance for nefarious combinations?
  • It is not less lamentable that the extensive application of chemistry to the useful purposes of life, should have been perverted into an auxiliary to this nefarious traffic.
  • The shrewd suspicion grew upon me that this curious effort to secure my silence was because of her own guilt; that she intended to bind me to a compact in her own nefarious interests.

Definition of Nefarious

Sinful, villainous, criminal, or wicked, especially when noteworthy or notorious for such characteristics.
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