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  • He could not negotiate if not at his post.
  • What, negotiate with such villains!
  • Your plan to negotiate a peace is not reasonable.
  • Let every eye negotiate for itself, And trust no agent.
  • One of boys falls in love and his parents negotiate match for him.
  • It is neither wise nor saintly to attempt to negotiate with a tiger.
  • Again and again Cortez endeavored to negotiate with the emperor.
  • You will have to negotiate with Thomas to get your gifts carted home.
  • Let every eye negotiate for itself, And trust no other agent.
  • To negotiate the top needed care as it was in full view of the German front.
  • When?" "Before even the first attempt was made to negotiate the bill.
  • Coming to England to negotiate bills of exchange, he had Molly thrown in.
  • Gray, George, commissioner to negotiate peace with Spain, 135.
  • Reid, Whitelaw, commissioner to negotiate peace with Spain, 135.
  • Davis, Cushman K., commissioner to negotiate peace with Spain, 135.
  • Frye, W. P., commissioner to negotiate peace with Spain, 135.

How To Use Negotiate In A Sentence?

  • He was put forward to negotiate with our representatives with respect to the proposed sale.
  • Meanwhile, he is sure to make an attempt to negotiate peace, if only for election purposes.
  • The cabinet had seen with alarm his attempt to negotiate directly with the Czar.
  • During the campaign of 1872 I had an opportunity to negotiate a new loan upon the same basis.
  • The reply from Paris was that France was willing to negotiate only on that basis.
  • Dinah left it to Monsieur de Clagny to negotiate a reconciliation with the old man.
  • Mr. DeVere did negotiate some small loans, but not enough to afford permanent relief.
  • But remember, we have to negotiate with the Saber-Toothed Light Bulbs before we can do anything.
  • Thus we have an incentive to negotiate if either of us wants to bring the improved innovation to market.
  • I have a feeling that the thief (if he has any sense at all) will negotiate through you for their return.
  • They had nothing of their own, and no security but the roads and lands upon which to negotiate loans.
  • Do they now just take the numbers without paying for them, or do they still try to negotiate a license?
  • This is a most unfair charge against those self-respecting motorists who negotiate all corners on the two inside wheels only.
  • Among the least sensible minor incidents of the war were a number of fantastic attempts of private persons to negotiate peace.
  • His opinion carries all the more weight as he was one of the delegates to negotiate the 1881 Convention.
  • However, in order somewhat to mitigate the cruelty of the deception, it is found necessary to negotiate a little.
  • So soon as they had gone the assembly proceeded to appoint a Commission to negotiate the treaty of peace.
  • Their only safe course is to regard the whole campaign as a kind of drawn battle, and both sides to negotiate as to terms of separation.
  • If Sullivan was prepared to negotiate with them, he was to be asked to send his proposals under a flag of truce.
  • Coles, the operative he had sent to negotiate with Karlov, was conceivably a prisoner upstairs or down.
  • He paused long enough to negotiate a particularly difficult stymie which Huntington had laid him on the third green.
  • At the same time Wolsey was attempting to negotiate for a supply of gold from Antwerp to replenish the currency.
  • He made haste to assure the Californians through a messenger that they would do well to negotiate with him rather than with Stockton.
  • It has not come, and I am free to negotiate with the next comer for the furniture as it stands, provided an immediate settlement can be arrived at.

Definition of Negotiate

(intransitive) To confer with others in order to come to terms or reach an agreement. | (transitive) To arrange or settle something by mutual agreement. | (transitive) To succeed in coping with, or getting over something.
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