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  • What is wrong with trying negotiation or an armistice?
  • The negotiation may be carried on by letter, as before stated.
  • After some negotiation I was unable to complete the arrangement.
  • The negotiation with England was then finished, but the terms unpublished.
  • All through this period Gustavus was in constant negotiation with Fredrik.
  • He was also influential in the negotiation of Italy's commercial treaties.
  • Mr. Ward's negotiation to procure his being delivered up into England.

How To Use Negotiation In A Sentence?

  • Raoul conducted the negotiation in a way to make himself more than ever valuable to her.
  • Here was the merchant who had just finished one negotiation and was about to begin another.
  • It had been objectionable with her in the negotiation of 1818, and had not been admitted since.
  • Lesseps considered it, very naturally, as the most important negotiation he had ever made.
  • It was written in the summer of 1797, when Lord Malmsbury was at Lille in negotiation for peace.
  • The end of this war will be a matter of negotiation between practically immobilised and extremely shattered antagonists.
  • Jucundus was quite as much amused as provoked at the result of the delicate negotiation in which he had entangled his nephew.
  • A steady market for the bonds would thus be established and the negotiation of them greatly facilitated.
  • The negotiation of treaties at home with the ministers of foreign governments residing here, is done by him.
  • This artful prelate broke off the negotiation the instant the storm of war passed away from his own territories.
  • In such pleasant converse the hours of ease rolled swiftly by, and then the work of negotiation began once more.
  • Lincoln consented to a negotiation but stipulated that Greeley himself should become responsible for its conduct.
  • But he entered into a private negotiation with them which is nearly, if not quite, the strangest thing in our history.
  • Throughout the following spring, progress was made in the negotiation of a truce, which broadened into an armistice and ended as an alliance.
  • The ground of this barbaric treatment appears in a negotiation between the king and Brask some five weeks later.
  • The information squared so well with the negotiation then on foot, that the Archbishop had no doubt of its truth.
  • The attempt, however, of an amicable negotiation having been frustrated, the troops have marched to act offensively.
  • After the negotiation with Spain had been long depending unusual and unexpected embarrassments were raised to interrupt its progress.
  • Grey suppressed this proposal too before the Cabinet, as any negotiation on this basis would have thwarted his pre-conceived plans.
  • Another negotiation which sought him unasked had, however, a material influence on the course of events, and must be touched on in some detail.
  • Twice only during the negotiation of that intricate passage did the Lieutenant-Commander show the top of the periscope above water.
  • The classical expression for international law is Jus Feciale or the law of negotiation and diplomacy.
  • She has, during this whole century, obtained far less by conquest or negotiation than any of the three great Continental powers.
  • For the purposes of this difficult negotiation Napoleon had chosen Caulaincourt, his devoted servant and most adroit diplomat.
  • He was largely instrumental in securing for his country that armistice which permitted the holding of a national assembly with a view to the negotiation of a peace.
  • After some negotiation with a priest, the people of Queaquilla brought in twenty-four sacks of meal, and 20,000 pieces of eight in gold.
  • I was not "in negotiation with Mazzini" "to write anything upon the Orsini affair.
  • Then follows a delicate negotiation with one of those dowagers who rather pique themselves on their good nature in standing sponsors to pushing nobodies.
  • They were also in negotiation with some of the chiefs of the Five Nations and with other Indian tribes to induce them to join with them.
  • But General Grant was destitute of the war spirit, and he chose to exhaust all the powers of negotiation before he would advise a resort to force.
  • Jay, by his negotiation of the famous treaty which bears his name, had for the moment called down upon himself the hostility of its numerous opponents.
  • He is at the head of the diplomatic and consular service, issuing the instructions to our ministers abroad, and he takes a leading part in the negotiation of treaties.
  • A negotiation was opened, and Rubens sold it to the Duke for twelve times what it cost, or say in our currency sixty thousand dollars.

Definition of Negotiation

The process of achieving agreement through discussion.
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