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  • Some negotiations are necessary for that.
  • Upon their advice the negotiations were suspended.
  • This time the negotiations took place across the camp wall.
  • Business and political negotiations transacted through agents.
  • The last days of the negotiations turned out very unfortunately for us.
  • We were told to camp, before any negotiations could be entered into.
  • The negotiations thus came to an end, and the Sheik returned to his own craft.

How To Use Negotiations In A Sentence?

  • Charlotte had conducted the negotiations with the publishers in a very business-like way.
  • The negotiations being ended, preparations are made to escort the bride to her future home.
  • Whether the negotiations will lead to a definite result I cannot judge from here.
  • The first danger appeared in 1785, in the commercial negotiations with England.
  • It considers the present system of confidential negotiations with me as the only promising method of arriving at an agreement.
  • We frankly state that our object in taking her was ransom and we are now ready to enter upon negotiations with you.
  • The continuation of negotiations rendered this contingency possible; and so matters eventually turned out.
  • The breach has never been altogether repaired, but there have been frequent negotiations and exchanges of courtesies.
  • A committee of business men should be appointed by the mayor to conduct negotiations for bringing new industries to the city.
  • And secondly it was arranged that Henry was under no obligation by negotiations or promises as to the land.
  • On that occasion it is well known that the negotiations were carried on under direct American influence.
  • We had hastened negotiations because naturally enough we were anxious to share the delights of the Eden which was to be ours.
  • The negotiations had been long continued, and there was some hitch in the matter that Iemon could not make out.
  • Jolly smiled and nodded his approval as Frank told in detail of his negotiations with the supply houses in the city.
  • Coincidently with the first negotiations for the capitulation of the citadel of Tournai, this new plan was entered upon.
  • Yes, I had the honor of advising him in several matters and of carrying through some rather delicate negotiations for him.
  • I am rather afraid that England may make a pretense of entering into negotiations and then try to put us in the wrong.
  • If the treaty had been signed by us, it would most probably have facilitated the negotiations about the U-boat campaign.
  • The negotiations should have been carried through orally and confidentially between Mr. Lansing and myself.
  • Until the Buchanan administration all negotiations for the purchase of Cuba had been undertaken on the authority of the executive alone.
  • He was there detained with various conferences and negotiations relative to a pretended expedition for the recovery of the Holy Land.
  • Hitherto these negotiations have broken down, because the Jews stood out for 37 per shent., calculated upon the costs of exhumation.
  • Jemal opened negotiations with the Government from his asylum, and was finally persuaded to leave Persia quietly.
  • Had the bill been passed in March, quite large negotiations could have been made in April of that year.
  • Napoleon tries in vain to open negotiations with the Czar; but Alexander and Kutusoff will not hear.
  • Informal peace negotiations were still in progress, although conducted in secret and carefully screened from the knowledge of all peoples involved in the conflict.
  • If this be so I urge the utmost expedition in the matter, that confidence here may be restored, and the way opened for negotiations with England.
  • During the negotiations the sultan faithfully kept his word, and for the space of fifteen days furnished our soldiers with the bread and corn necessary for their subsistence.
  • Diplomatic negotiations have a way of ending owing to general weariness, in which case the party which holds the best cards secures the greatest advantages.
  • A joint committee of the two companies, headed by Sir Edwin himself, entered into negotiations for what was known as the tobacco contract.
  • The next year the negotiations were transferred to Madrid and the treaty was signed there and Jaudenes probably then returned to Spain.
  • The negotiations which I had to carry out on this question of the munitions traffic concerned themselves also with the question of the coaling of our ships of war.
  • Napoleon then entered into negotiations for peace with Russia and England, endeavoring to conciliate those powers at the expense of Prussia.

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plural of negotiation
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