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  • What children are, neighborhoods are.
  • There are neighborhoods in which it rages like a pest.
  • Such stores are found in the poorer neighborhoods of every settlement.

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  • Many neighborhoods had been brought forward, with their attendant advantages and disadvantages.
  • Country neighborhoods are rarely rich in events, and of these, few can rival a great auction.
  • El Vedado has largely supplanted these neighborhoods as the "court end" of the city.
  • With this brief sketch I conclude my record of the neighborhoods I have moved from.
  • The neighborhoods in which negroes live have long showed evidence of physical and moral deterioration.
  • The social level of neighborhoods once attractive because of the presence of families of intelligence and character has fallen.
  • A well-guarded youth is supposed to be at home in the night time and not to be frequenting shy neighborhoods at any hour.
  • Largely because of the work of some of these men the exodus to the towns has slackened in some neighborhoods and contributions to the work of the church have been greatly increased.
  • These methods and others like them are being invoked for the purpose of bringing to the farmers in their homes and neighborhoods some of the benefits that the colleges and schools bestow upon their pupils.
  • As in the case of food, so with dress; the general effect of the organization of the department stores in the different neighborhoods can be only misleading and confusing.
  • Similarly the children of the country neighborhoods have had to make their own fun, which they do with great enthusiasm, for, under any circumstances, children will play.
  • In some neighborhoods Jewish agents go about offering clothing on the installment plan at prices much higher than those charged even in inefficient neighborhood shops.
  • This use of Tansy at funerals lingered long in country neighborhoods in New England, in some vicinities till fifty years ago.

Definition of Neighborhoods

plural of neighborhood
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