Neither Did In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Neither Did | Neither Did Sentence

  • Neither did they understand it all.
  • Neither did he worry.
  • Neither did they speak.
  • Neither did he doubt.
  • Neither did he say a word to her.
  • Neither did he enlarge on the matter.
  • Neither did they speak together.
  • Neither did he lift his eyes to her.
  • Neither did any man speak to him.
  • Neither did the heavy man.
  • But he did not speak and neither did she.
  • Neither did he descend the steps.
  • Neither did he much care.
  • Neither did he have to wait long.
  • Neither did he bring her customers.
  • Neither did it spoil her honeymoon.
  • Neither did he know how far he was from the tilt.
  • Neither did he obtain any share of the spoil.
  • Neither did he stop with idle sympathy.
  • Neither did any dog howl that day.
  • Neither did any one go in or out of the gate.
  • Neither did he nod or shake his head.
  • Neither did the judge hurry her to her errand.
  • Neither did any news of her reach us.
  • Neither did his room, for that matter.
  • Neither did he open the door at the end of the hall.
  • Neither did the men at the air-pump talk.
  • Neither did he find any rest for his spiritual feet.
  • Neither did he come back the next day.
  • Neither did his vigorous shouting bring any response.
  • Neither did he look in need of any help whatsoever.
  • Neither did she improve upon closer inspection.
  • He did not frown, neither did he smile.
  • Moore toiled not, neither did he spin.
  • Neither did last the full space of two year.

How To Use Neither Did In A Sentence?

  • She did not resist him, but neither did she welcome.
  • He had used no form of greeting, neither did she.
  • He knew no other author, neither did he wish to.
  • If she did not wish to declare her love, neither did he.
  • But she would not promise; neither did she come.
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